Honest! All will be OK!

Don’t worry, this isn’t about the Presidential Elections, COVID-19, the Economy, Social Unrest, or any of the major stuff hitting us from Left and Right.

No, those things are still happening and we are Royally Screwed. I could elaborate, but I think most people have lost the ability to rationally examine and discuss issues . . . let alone agree on the issues.

No, I’m referring to THIS<<link post that appeared on the WordPress Blog.

The post informs us that exciting changes are afoot!

What are the changes, you ask?

Why, they are getting rid of the Classic Editor in favor of the Block Editor!

Just to be clear, I’m very skeptical this will be an improvement in my life.

Edited to Add: I wrote this post because my comment on their blog went into moderation . . . and I expect it won’t see the light of day.

I left them a message, of course, and here it is (improved and expanded) . . .

You know, maybe we’re not all interested in “exciting new features” at the expense of the Classic Editor.

And, in 30+years of using various software tools, I can count on one hand the number of improvements that were actually so (and have a few fingers to spare).

. . . and, in 40+ years of dealing with businesses, I can’t think of a single instance where “for the benefit of the customers (users)” was ever a truthful statement.

Without even trying it, I predict the following:

– “mimicking” the Classic Editor won’t be the same as actually having the classic editor.

This is born of experience that began way back with the first days of computers. True, every iteration gave us more options . . . but also increased our level of frustration, raised the learning curve, and resulted in more time spent finding ways to do what we used to easily do, only now doing it using the “new improved” interface.

– the “best of both worlds” won’t be equal to — but will be lesser than — the regular old world.

So here are a few examples of things that are said to be the best of both worlds:
– Half the calories with the same great taste!
– Improved gas mileage with the same performance!
– Our automated system saves you time and effort in finding the answer you need.

Invariably, we are told stuff we know can’t be true.

– having gone through a number of changes already, I’ve yet to be happy with “conversions”, especially going back through ten years worth of posts and having formats change, links deleted, and other stuff that aggravates the crap out of me.

I can point to old power cables that no longer fit anything, storage media we can no longer read, appliances we can’t repair because no one has the parts anymore or, if they do have them, they cost as much as a new version of whatever is no longer working . . . except that the new version will be of lesser quality and never work as well as the original.

– it will turn out this change was not so much for the users, but to push money-making changes down said user’s throats.

It stands to reason, but I don’t know why people 1) fail to realize this, and 2) keep putting up with it. We’ve trained businesses to offer us the cheapest something they can make for which they can charge us the most money. I mean, even if s business comes along offering real value (they won’t be coming anytime soon) people will rather buy inferior stuff, especially if there’s a celebrity name associated with it.

And, finally . . . I predict you won’t lose many users, despite aggravating a whole bunch of them. That’s because most users can’t invest the time, effort, and (sometimes) money into switching.

That’s the sad truth and it plays with what I said above . . . even if someone wants to offer quality, few people will be willing to pay for it. Some will say that people can’t afford it, but if they did a cost analysis of the junk we buy and discard after a relatively short product lifespan, for sure people could afford quality stuff.

Of course, I could be monumentally wrong and this will end up being an amazing improvement for everyone . . . but — were I a betting man — that’s not the way I would bet.

There have been instances where things that are offered are an actual improvement over what was offered before . . . but, when it comes to software and stuff, I’d argue that the average consumer has always gotten screwed. That’s because software is often written for and catering to enterprise use. I can guarantee that everything WP is doing is geared toward capturing the business of businesses. meaning, they cater to people who are selling you stuff.

And, when it’s not? Well, if you are not paying for a product, realize you are the product.

But, we’ll see. Twice now, I’ve come very close to switching platforms and go my own way. Maybe third time’s the charm.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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