More Hummingbirds for “N” stories voting

Yes, still using hummingbirds to promote the Alphabet Challenge “N” Stories.

It sure would be swell — if you’ve not already done so — if you would read the stories and cast your vote for your favorite of the three. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge N-Stories” are HERE.<<<Link

This is right outside my office window . . . 30-seconds of hummingbirds trying to feed but ending up arguing. They are so human-like in that regard . . .

I’m on the other side of the window, but still pretty close.

The video is captured in 4K . . . which most people can’t actually see as being different from 1080p. Either way, if you click on the little flower/spoked-wheel in the lower right corner, you can change the setting to at least 720 HD, although I suggest 1080 HD is better, and 4K is best as it lets you play it on a larger screen.

There, you can also change the playback speed. If you want some slow-motion, I suggest slowing it down to a half or a quarter speed, but only if you are watching in HD, otherwise it gets pretty choppy. As an aside, watching it on YouTube is usually better (click on their logo).

As before, I shot some Super-Slow-Motion . . .

Superslow motion only captures a few seconds that then translates into about eight or nine seconds worth of video. I really wish it could be longer, but what are you going to do. Now, it doesn’t rival those $25K cameras that can practically freeze time, but it’s not bad . . . as you can see in these next two videos. By the way, the app adds annoying music which I then remove but didn’t bother replacing since the videos are less than ten seconds . . . I figure people can go ten seconds without noise.

I also have some regular slow-motion videos I’ll be posting.

I’ve had a fair number of hummingbird posts in the past and you can find a list of them HERE.<<link

If you just want to see photos, then THIS<<link is for you.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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