Another reminder for “M” stories voting

The Alphabet Challenge M-Stories voting has entered the doldrums . . . I mean, I get it . . . we’re about to go to war with China, be ravaged by a pesky virus, and ruined by an economic catastrophe . . . BUT, I say, what better time to get your mind off those things and read semy-quality fiction?. 

If you’ve not already done so, you can read the stories and cast your vote for your favorite of the three. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge M-Stories” are HERE.<<<Link

OK, that it; you may once again ponder the shitty aspects of current life . . . BUT, before you go . . .

. . . a few photos reworked (part of a near-future post) . . .

Yes, you may assume I’ll be continuing the documentation of my 2017 Alaska cruise.

These versions have been treated to Impression 2.0 and Restyle (Topaz Labs).

I won’t post these again, so you’ll have to identify which photos they came from by switching back and forth between this post and the future one. Good luck.

I really like the composition of these next photos . . . but they are both flawed. First up, an early morning tranquil scene.

What’s wrong with those, you ask? Good question. It’s not as visible on these versions, but there are reflections visible in the regular photo (this was shot from behind a window).

This next photo is a lie . . . the original shows a much smaller and brighter moon, no more than a nondescript blob of light in the sky. So, I took a closeup shot of the moon (same time, same place) and merged it into the photo.

I think it looks nice . . . much like lies, we’re willing to accept what looks good over what’s true . . . and call it art. Or politics.

You can see the full-size photos in the SmugMug Gallery HERE.<<<Link

I know some (mighty few) people miss my long posts . . . but, since this is a short post, here’s a short(ish) offering,  THIS POST<<link is from 2017. Don’t read it while hungry.

Or, you could read THIS POST<<link offering a look at how a Singer sewing machine can be integrated into photography by the use of technology.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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