Alphabet Challenge “L” Stories voting results

The polls for the”L” Stories are now closed. Soon, the “M” Stories will go live.

You can check the results of the voting HERE (L Stories). But, as I know few care cares, I’ll force the results onto you now.

Here’s a photo before I continue . . .

It’s the dash of my Highlander at 9009 miles treated to Topaz Impression 2.0 and framed using Topaz Studio 1.0.

So, what does the voting mean for the writers? Well, outside of a few bragging rights, not much. But, let’s proceed with the reveals, the answer to “Who wrote which stories?” question.

L” Stories writers and scoring:

L.I.F.E. <<Link: That would be Perry. He gets 3 points for the first-place finish.

LT <<Link: That would be Gary. He gets 1.5 points for the second-place tie.

Legend <<Link: That would be me. I get 1.5 points for the second-place tie.

With 22 votes cast, I consider this an excellent voting round.

I was surprised at the results . . . but then, I nearly always am.

I find myself in third place despite having the majority of the total votes. Where’s the electoral college when you need it?

But, that’s more indicative of some lob-sided early voting results than my mastery of the writing craft.

So, what are the standings?

As I mentioned a few rounds ago when Perry was lagging, don’t count anyone out. But, for that statement to hold true, I need to step up my game and give readers what they want . . . and I would if I could.

Anyway, the earliest the “M” stories are likely to go live is sometimes tomorrow. I might even have one written by then.

Take care of yourselves first, and if these offerings don’t sit well on your plate, that’s fine. Regardless of your participation, thank you for stopping by.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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