Alphabet Challenge “J” Stories voting results

The polls for the”J” Stories are now closed. Soon, the “K” Stories will go live.

You can check the results of the voting HERE (J Stories). But, as I know no one cares, I’ll force the results onto you now.

Here’s a photo before I continue . . .

It’s something treated to Topaz Impression 2.0 and Topaz Restyle and framed using Topaz Studio 1.0. Good luck guessing what it is.

So, what does the voting mean for the writers? Well, outside of a few bragging rights, not much. But, let’s proceed with the reveals, the answer to “Who wrote which stories?” question.

J” Stories writers and scoring:

The Jersey: That would be Perry. He gets 3 points for the first-place finish. That would be Gary. He gets 2 points for the second-place finish.

Jaguar: That would be Me. I get 1 point for the third-place finish.

With 16 votes cast, I consider this a mediocre voting round, but given the amount of effluent hitting multiple fans, we’ll take what we can get.

Perry dressed his story and it brought home the prize. Really, either of the Broxson Twins stories could be sitting on the top spot, and in this round, I was outclassed.

The race is getting tighter and I don’t know if this means we are all similarly gifted writers or that we are similarly crappy writers.

As I said before, I need to crank up my game or risk a last-place showing. Honest, I didn’t think the Broxson Twins would mount this kind of challenge. I don’t mean they aren’t good writers; I mean that I thought I’d get into the swing of things, get in the groove, insert other metaphor here. 

Alas, nothing is coming to me right now. Oh, well.

So, what are the standings?

Folks, we got us a tight race.

Anyway, the earliest the “K” stories are likely to go live is sometimes tomorrow. Since I’ve yet to write anything, it might even be Tuesday.

Anyway, take care of yourselves first, and if these offerings don’t sit well on your plate, that’s fine. Regardless of your participation, thank you for stopping by.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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