Let’s talk about it’s just a thought . . .

That’s two interesting phrases I’ve heard a lot lately.

Now, people use the term “a lot” to indicate anything from twice to fifty-seven and even beyond.

In my case, it means I watched a crapload (a little-used technical term) of these videos:

Beau of the Fifth Column — by topics

Beau of the Fifth Column — list of videos

Knowing people are too lazy to click on links, here’s one of the videos:

That’s the kind of reasoned response (about voting) that made me change my mind. I think I will vote. I will vote my conscience. Not saying what my vote will be, but I will vote.

Next up . . . this:

This is about something that has worried me for a long while . . . people surrendering their ability to think and reason to an entity (in this case, Fox News) that can then manipulate and use them.

If I opened my personal phone to you, my readers, as opposed to just letting Google, Verizon, and Samsung look at all my stuff, why, you would notice . . .

. . . tens of notes arranged under the banner of “Possible Blog Posts.” Notes about politics, women issues, trans issues, religion, guns, belief, critical thinking . . . the list goes on and on.

I write those notes as I listen to podcasts on philosophy, history, literature, religion, politic, and other important and/or informative subjects (usually, when I exercise or I’m cutting the lawn).

“Odd that,” you’d say, because, if you follow my blog, you might have noticed a singular lack of such topics appearing on these pages.

That’s because I am worn down. Weary. Worried. I’m as pessimistic about the future of this country as I’ve ever been pessimistic about anything.

And all because if you even try to have a serious conversation about important issues, you immediately run up against a full-blown Gish gallop.

Not all of it — but almost all of it — is taken straight out of Fox News talking points . . . and in the rare instances when it’s not, it’s from an equivalent editorially and morally malignant entities whose main impetus isn’t to foster a conversation but to divide, instill fear, and ensure the interests of a privileged minority (people with money) are safeguarded on the back of the uninformed and economically subjugated.

I don’t have it in me. I’m told it happens with old age; you lose your drive, the fire within you.

I call bullshit on that.

No, it happens because . . . because . . . word fail me, but maybe this little t-shirt graphic might help explain how I feel . . .

Most of you traded your country for a red hat. That’s my opinion of so many people that I stopped talking about it.

When I used to talk about it, I’d get incensed responses from people who would tell me they are NOT Trump supporters. The funny thing is, when I look at their Facebook feed, the stuff they share, the stuff they proudly post on their wall, what they say in person . . . they don’t look, talk, and act any different from Trump supporters.

Frankly, I don’t even think they realize they are doing it . . . they’re just repeating stuff they heard and think it’s their own thoughts when, in fact, it’s slogans all up and down. Slogans they can’t defend.

. . . by the way, that motto is from Beau’s t-shirt in this video, and it encapsulates what I feel as I watch the progression of American politics.

Now, that’s an interesting video . . . it’s about guns. This guy is interesting to me because I’ve watched many of his videos and I’ve realized we — me and him — track pretty closely on many subjects.

And here’s the thing . . . where we don’t? Well, he usually has the better argument. Meaning, I don’t have a good counterargument.

Why am I posting these here?

Well, it’s simple . . . not only he’s a lot better at making my arguments than I am, but he’s out there doing it. One of his five-minute videos gets across ideas and concepts that would take me thousands of words to express.

. . . he looks like a redneck (he uses the term himself) and talks like a redneck (he has a Southern accent). . .

. . . but you would be smart to pick a few videos at random and give him a listen. You might learn something. For instance, his advice on books:

Yes! Everyone should read like that. Wide and varied. Learn about what other people know and think, especially if it’s not what you know and think. Learn about what thinkers think about. You don’t have to agree with them, but you need to know something before you can argue against it.

Those people I don’t bother arguing with anymore? They don’t know shit.

Wait, I take that back . . . they know shit, and it’s soundbites. Headlines they saw on Twitter or Facebook; headlines of articles they didn’t bother reading. Catchy slogans they heard from this or that pundit who — although they make millions and live a privileged life — purport to be for the “common man” and really interested in morality, honesty, honor, and the ideals this country was founded on . . . all the while attempting to tear down those very ideals.

We have a race problem in the country, but you can’t learn about it by watching Fox News.

You might, however, learn something from listening to Beau.

For instance, most people know squat-all about a transgender individual (other than what they hear listening to bigots on talk radio) . . . but Beau can talk about it and actually make sense.

Why, he can even tell Republicans about their roots.


What’s interesting to me is that he talks slow . . . slow enough that he gives you time to let his words sink in. He gives you time to think.

. . . but, for those who are used to “faster” cadence, YouTube has the option to let you crank up the replay speed . . . you know, so that you don’t have time to think, to absorb, to consider measured and reasoned words and arguments.

I’m posting this as an introduction. I think I’ll start a series where I will pick one of Beau’s videos (or a topic) and use the videos to make my opinion known; highlight it on its own post along with a few of my own thoughts (inferior as they might be).

Let me finish with relevant videos about current events . . .

It’s also worth watching this one . . .

. . . yes, it is scary . . . and I don’t get how people don’t realize this. Smart people; people who should know better . . . they don’t realize this very point.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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