“I” stories voting and May 23rd Photos — Part 1

About week left to indulge in reading the “I” Stories submissions. After, if receptive to the idea, the writers hope you’ll make the effort and vote for your favorite of the “Alphabet Challenge I-Stories” HERE.

That post has links to the individual stories and the poll where readers can click a box to indicate their appreciation for their favorite. And, after voting, readers can spread the news about the story to friends and family. Maybe.

So, May 23, 2020 . . . a day that will go down as . . . a day like many others, but with lots of birds.

I’ve yet to catch a Mourning dove bathe . . . I don’t think they do. This one eyed the birdbath for a bit, went down to have a drink, and departed.

Yes, these are from my back yard, but Part 2 and Part 3 are from a different location.

Anyway, on with the mini-show . . . and back to Robins.

These shots are from before the chicks in the nest in the nearby shrub fledged . . . how do I know? Well, I keep track, of course, but also I have this photo . . .

That’s enough food for three chicks. otherwise, those worms would already be nice and cozy in that Robin’s stomach.

But, the best photos I got that morning were of the hummingbird that’s been hanging around . . .

Those are pretty good, and they’re not even in the running for the best . . . because here it is:

This is what I call a fortuitous shot. I happened to release the shutter at the same time that it decided to take off.

I’ve had similar shots before, but usually because I shot a burst and caught it moving. Even then, I don’t recall one this nice, and all from a single shot. lucky indeed.

As I mentioned, we then went for a drive and I got a few more beauties I’ll share in future posts.

As usual, the SmugMug Gallery is HERE <<<This is a link. And, also as usual, click on any photo for a larger version.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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