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So, UFO videos.

Unless you’re smart, you’re hopes of finding evidence that aliens are among us (space aliens, not people like me) got a major boost a few weeks ago. Actually, I don’t know when THESE videos were released because they had previously been leaked.

Whenever it was, let me say a few things . . .

. . . even as I knew it wouldn’t matter to many people who are sure, sure, I tell you, that not only aliens have visited here, but that they are still hanging around — if not actually running thing (which would explain so much) — I had written a lot of paragraphs explaining how difficult it would be for anyone to come and visit

But then I realized something . . . people who believe aliens are flying around our skies won’t care. In their minds, UFO means Aliens and not Unidentified Flying Object.  The (important) difference is lost on them.

But, for those who are curious about these things and wonder what those videos actually show, here’s a short video explaining what you are seeing, and, if you want detailed explanations, just watch the rest of the playlist:


Now, I know that few “believers” will even give these videos a chance. That’s the power of ignorance, folks.

There may well be aliens flying around out there (I find it improbable for the simple reason that we’re not that interesting despite what we tell ourselves), but these videos don’t support the hypothesis.

What’s particularly annoying to me is that the explanation itself is a lot more interesting and gives me more elation from understanding what I’m seeing than I would ever get by staring at the videos, drool running down my chin, and thinking “Wow! Aliens!”

But that’s just me.

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