Alphabet Challenge “G” Stories voting results

The polls for the”G” Stories are now closed. Soon, the “H” Stories will go live.

You can check the results of the voting HERE (G Stories). But, as I know no one cares, I’ll force the results onto you now.

Here’s a photo before I continue . . .

It’s a wood-carved figure treated to Topaz Impression 2.0.

So, what does the voting mean for the writers? Well, outside of a few bragging rights, not much. But, let’s proceed with the reveals, the answer to “Who wrote which stories?” question.

“G” Stories writers and scoring:

Gauntlet: That would be me. I get 3 points for the first-place finish.

Geronimo: That would be Perry. He gets 1.5 points for the second-third-place tie.

Granny Goodnight: That would be Gary. He gets 1.5 points for the second-third-place tie.

This round saw a drastic drop in votes from the previous round (-26%). It’s hard to tell if that’s because of the social distancing and stay-at-home directives; perhaps people are getting too antsy to bother reading. The Broxson brothers are blaming me for not doing enough to promote the stories. (They don’t really know since 1) they don’t read my blog and, 2) even when they do, they can’t work out how links work.)

The low vote count is unfortunate, especially considering the number of views per story. The three stories got an average of 73 views each. That’s right; we had 218 views and a grand total of 17 votes.

I submit I’m doing my job of getting eyes on the fiction. I’m not sure how I can get people to vote once they read the stories.

It might be due to me removing the I-love/hate-them-all voting options, but those votes weren’t a significant portion of the voting public.

It’s also unfortunate because we had three decent entries. Truth be told — but don’t tell the Broxson twins — I think one of their stories should have won.

But, I suppose it’s only fair since I thought mine was the better of the “F” stories and I came in last in that voting round. If I believed in a just Universe, I wouldn’t be as surprised right now. 

So, what are the standings? Well, I’m still leading but it feels like the twins are double-teaming me; nipping at my heels as it were.

They look and act a bit like bullies, and were it not for the fact I know (or have been fooled into believing) they have reformed, I’d be getting a little paranoid. But, boy, do they cheer each other on something fierce.  Me? I’m treated like a third bicycle wheel.

. . . a winning wheel, as it were.

Anyway, here are the current standings:

It’s like I’m in a bicycle race where the two sneaky bastiges are drafting as they wait to make a sprint. I hope I have the legs to outlast and out-sprint them.

Speaking of which, I’ve yet to write my “G” “H” story, so I’ll crank something out in the next few hours. If I get no interruptions, the “G” “H” stories will be up and running later tonight.

Yes, that’s what happened at the last deadline, only it’s now even later. Meaning, the earliest the “H” stories are likely to go live is sometimes tomorrow. Sorry about that . . . all 14 of you who voted.

These are trying times, indeed.

Take care of yourselves first, and if these offerings don’t sit well on your plate, that’s fine. Regardless of your participation, thank you for stopping by.

One final photo . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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8 Responses to Alphabet Challenge “G” Stories voting results

  1. mvschulze says:

    That fictional story, the Gauntlet, was an almost identical real time description of my wife and I going to the nearby Walmart, early on in the Pandemic! . So perhaps you should call it non-fiction! 😬 M :-)


  2. Gauntlet was a GREAT story! Good job! to all 3 of you guys for garnering votes!
    (see all the g’s in my comments?!?!)
    Wonderful photos! So artsy and a joy to peruse!
    (((HUGS))) and Happy Whee-kend!
    PS…Now I’m thinking about toast.


    • disperser says:

      Thank you, Carolyn, and happy weekend to you. Me? I’m under the gun for the H story; I’m grinding, groaning, and not grinning as I goad grimy gossip into great gossip and publish it under H.

      By the way, that’s French toast made with Hawaiʻian bread from the southernmost bakery in the US. I won’t be getting any of that anytime soon.

      Take care and have a great weekend as well.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. AnnMarie says:

    Like that pond lots and lots . . . and the fish sculpture (?), too . . . but you got me with that French Toast . . . excellent idea for dinner.


    • AnnMarie says:

      Oh, yeah . . . the voting . . . forgot to congratulate you and the twins! Well done, you three!

      Liked by 1 person

    • disperser says:

      Thanks, and thanks . . . we now make French Toast with sourdough bread . . . a worthy (if different) competitor to the Hawaiʻian bread.

      The reef scene is also wood carvings. Koa wood, I believe.


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