Let me bug you — “G” stories voting reminder

I used to take a lot of photos of bugs. See HERE, HERE, and HERE if you want proof.

Would you believe I don’t see as many bugs here? No? Well, I’m not lying.

And — because of it — I don’t know if I lost my knack (if I ever had one) for capturing insects.

Sure, I might have a few bugs in this post, but they were all from one shrub with tiny flowers. How accomplished am I as far as big bug hunter if I’m basically shooting in cubic foot of volume?

Here’s photos of a solitary bee . . .

Here’s a side view of the wasp . . . tell me humans didn’t pull their vision for what alien look like from such an insect!

Here’s a mix of bugs and a bird . . .

In case anyone mistook the insect in the opening shot as a bee, let me assure you that it was — in fact — a fly.

Flies can be — and often are — interesting subjects. But bees have more mass and hence show a bit better . . . sometimes.

Notice how the insects drink the nectar from the side of the pistil, at the base of the petals. These flowers (holly bush) are very tiny and, as mentioned before, they are one of the early flowering bushes and plants. So, lots of insects visiting the various holly bushes and shrubs around our house.

Of course, there are some proper flowers around, too. No, wait; this too is from a tree.

There is a SmugMug gallery (HERE). Although, the SmugMug gallery won’t offer much larger versions as these already are cropped close enough to see the bugs clearly.

OK, I got to go, but if you have it within your heart to read and vote on the “G” stories, please do so. You can vote for your favorite of the “Alphabet Challenge G-Stories” HERE. That’s also where you can find links to the stories in case you want to read them before voting (you should totally do that).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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