Birds, more birds, and “G” stories voting reminder

The previous bird post covered the American robin. Today, I have a few more birds . . . but first a quick update on one of the robins. Remember I mentioned dI thought one of them was building a nest in the holly shrub? I looked a few times and despite the shrub being relatively small, I didn’t see anything . . . until the other day.

Shot with the Note 8

Not only she built a large nest, she built it where it was less likely to be seen. Clever girl!

I think this is the mother in question.

Here are a few Common Grackles showing off their plumage. The fourth photo is worth a look.

Finches are around, but have proved difficult to catch . . . but I managed at least one photo.

Next up, a gallery of a Song sparrow serenading . . . well, it must have been me because there wasn’t another bird around.

Who knew the males sported a beard?

Here’s another bird serenading the wind . . .

Here, I want to apologize; I should have switched to spot metering, but I didn’t and so the bird is less than optimally exposed. Oh, well . . . at least I salvaged the series with a couple of shots of the bird taking off.


I was waiting for this dove to take off, but when it did, it dropped from view beyond the brick structure.

I did capture one bird in flight . . . another robin. Here’s the thing . . . I messed up again. The shutter was too slow to freeze the action. So, in this next gallery, the second, fourth, and six shots are as they came from the camera . . . and the third, fifth, and seventh shots are processed using Topaz Sharpen AI. Not too shabby.

Last, but not least, the hummers are back. Here is the first I managed to digitally) capture . . .

Here’s a photo of the second chance I had to capture a few photos . . .

And because almost no one goes to the SmugMug gallery (HERE), I give you a near 1:1 ratio crop of the above:

Although, the SmugMug gallery won’t offer much larger versions as these already are cropped close enough to see the bird clearly.

OK, I got to go, but if you have it within your heart to read and vote on the “G” stories, please do so. You can vote for your favorite of the “Alphabet Challenge G-Stories” HERE. That’s also where you can find links to the stories in case you want to read them before voting (you should totally do that).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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