Writers — well, some writers — are needy people. Writers want readers for their works and hope said readers will find something to like in what they read . . . but writers also dread the possibility of rejection if not outright derision. That fear of rejection often keeps writers from sharing their work.

The writers of the Alphabet Challenge are — perhaps — made of sturdier stuff because they not only choose to share, but also hope that — if you’ve read them — you voted for your favorite of the “Alphabet Challenge G-Stories” HERE. That’s also where you can find links to the stories in case you want to read them before voting (you should totally do that).

If you’ve already voted, thank you.

Oh, yeah . . . the writers were wondering if you could, you know, like, share these stories with friends and families. I mean, only if you think the stories are worth reading, of course. That would be swell, we think.

Anyway, solid stuff . . .