Evergreens sometimes aren’t

Here’s more of my patio musings . . .

Last year, I mentioned to my neighbors they should spray their evergreens for biological pests . . . which they didn’t do . . .

As shot — Nikon D7500

I’m not an expert, but it could have been bagworms or some other pest that attacks these kinds of trees. Two others are showing signs of browning, so we’ll see if they will lose all of them or get them sprayed.

Remember I mentioned they had a crew over to clean up stuff . . . well, they removed that dead tree, but not before I snapped that photo. I thought it was a great contrast in colors . . .

Processed with Color Efex Pro 4 and Lightroom

I had also envisioned a B&G&W treatment with a green filter (making the green appear lighter)

Silver Efex Pro 2

And, of course, the chance for color manipulation and filters in Topaz Lab Studio.

I wasn’t overly thrilled with this effort, although as I post it, I like it a little better than I originally did.

But, I like this next version even better . . .

What was interesting about these two trees, I often saw Common Grackles land and go inside the foliage of the dead tree, and I often see American Cardinals land and go inside the foliage of the gree tree. So much so, that I thought perhaps they were building nests in there.

I finally concluded they were probably going in there to eat bugs (or something).

Regardless, the dead tree is now gone and if there was a nest in there, it got destroyed.

Let me show one more version before I call it a post . . .

I kind of like that . . . it has an almost Christmassy feel to it.

In case anyone wants to look at any of these (except for the unprocessed versions) in SmugMug, I’m throwing most of these offerings in THIS Gallery. Or, you can just look at the gallery below or click on the photos above for slightly larger — but not full-size — versions.

Stay safe, and if you feel like reading three short stories, and if then you feel like voting for your favorite “F” story HERE, well, shucks, that be awesome for everyone concerned.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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