The grass is not always greener, but sometimes multicolored

Here’s more of my patio musings . . .

So, both my neighbors and I have tall ornamental grasses as part of our landscaping. I cut mine down in late February but they still had theirs up last week.

As shot: Nikon D7500

As you can see, the individual blades of grass have gone dead.

“How bored does one have to be to focus on dead grass?”

Well, I snapped that photo for two reasons: one, I had an idea that I could play with the processing a bit. Two, there was a Song Sparrow that kept going in and out of the clump of grass with “stuff” in its mouth.

Here are two photos (as they came out of the camera) to show you the little tyke.

Wait . . . you probably can’t see him (her?) really well . . . let me crop and process . . .

Can you see him (her?) now?

Side note: them not be my weeds. I eradicate my weeds. Unfortunately, I have to look at those weeds year-round. But, the less-than-pristine landscaping seems to attract a lot of birds, so I won’t complain much.

Unfortunately, a few days later, the shrubs were trimmed (butchered) and the grass was unceremoniously cut.

Now, I knew the nest was in there and I told my neighbor (who looked at me all whiskey-tango-foxtrot-do-I-care like).

Fortunately, the nest wasn’t yet finished. The photos above were taken a few hours before the butchering occurred, so the tyke was still building its nest (I checked; no eggs in the nest). Some hours later, here’s the tyke looking around at a drastically altered landscape and wondering whiskey-tango-foxtrot happened?!?

But, I digressed . . . the main reason for the grass photo was so that I could play with it.

Here’s the “normal” processing . . .

Here’s an artistic rendition . . .

. . . and here’s a B&G&W kind of artistic rendition . . .

Here’s me playing around with colors . . .

. . .  which I thought I should frame . . .

And, finally, another processed version I like better (it added Studio’s AI ReMix).

In case anyone wants to look at any of these (except for the unprocessed versions) in SmugMug, I’m throwing most of these offerings in THIS Gallery. Or, you can just look at the gallery below or click on the photos above for slightly larger — but not full-size — versions.

Stay safe, and if you feel like reading three short stories, and if then you feel like voting for your favorite “F” story HERE, well, shucks, that would awesome just be.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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