These days, it’s tough remaining positive amid all sorts of bad news. I mean, there’s also good news from certain quarters reporting small victories in the current fight against COVID-19. But, when I read them, they seem but drops in a large bucket. Eventually, the bucket will fill, but it will take a while.

Also . . . it’s not really a fight, is it? I mean, the virus isn’t mobilizing and planning and plotting. It’s just out there and a bunch of idiots are trying their best to help it spread.

What I find most disturbing is the current seemingly Keystone Cops-like response from governmental bodies, elected officials, religious leaders, and the average idiot on the street.

Before I go on, let me show you a photo as-snapped of one of the birdbaths as the first raindrops of a storm start hitting it.

As shot, straight out of the camera.