“D” stories be lonely . . .

. . . but you can help them by voting for your favorite”D” story HERE. If you’ve yet to read them, links to the stories are included in that post.

Some people have apologized for not having time to read them. I want to stress no one should feel pressured to read these stories. If interested, if you have the time, and if you find them entertaining, welcome onboard. If any of them things are untrue, don’t force yourself.

For one thing, it’ll predispose you to hate the stories. For another, this challenge is meant to be a fun and friendly competition between one good writer and two brothers, and we’ll do this whether two or two-hundred people read the stories.

I jest about the good writer bit, but since it’s my blog — and they don’t read this blog — I can say anything I want here.

Anyway, another photo from last week . . .

Processed in Lightroom and Nik Collection and Topaz Sharpen AI — click for a larger version.

This particular setting and pose will find its way into hanging on one of the walls in our house. However, not in that form. So, the first thing I did is use Photoshop to isolate the bird.

While I took some care, it’s not a perfect cut. When I actually process this for a wall-hanging, it’ll be better. Still, this is pretty good. For them who have Photoshop, THIS video gives you a few pointers on one way to get a quick and fairly accurate mask. His channel is worth subscribing to if you want to learn how to do stuff with Photoshop.

Let’s see . . . what can I do with that? Well, I can use Luminar 4 Sky Replacement AI function . . . but I’ll leave that for another post.

Instead, I want to see what various filters in Topaz labs Impression 2.0 can do with the image. Basically, I’m about to become (for a few minutes) a painting master.

Here’s a gallery of all the options I tried . . .

I’ve uploaded these photos to THIS SmugMug gallery for them who want to see them in a different venue.

Since not all will scroll through the gallery, here’s a few of the many. As always, click for a larger version.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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