What’s your favorite Alphabet Challenge “A” Story?

Yes, more shameless abasing as I ask for more readers to vote for their favorite story out of the three Alphabet Challenge “A” Submissions. If you haven’t read them, the links to the stories and the poll for voting are HERE.

We had a big drop in votes from the Christmas story poll. The x-mas challenge generated 21 votes in one week whereas this appears to be topping out at 12. We have a while longer for voting but I’m not optimistic.

But even 12 is better than the number of readers who normally vote on any of the polls. Still, I feel bad for the other two writers since they probably thought that — given my 1,700+ subscribers — we’d have more readers and votes.

Little do they realize that my circle of friends is limited and that most of the blog’s subscribers are just trying to sell stuff and don’t ever come back once they subscribe.  The funny part is that I thought they had multitudes of friends who would stop by and vote.

By the way, I added a few other options for the voting. I realized that only three choices left out people who don’t like any of the stories or that just don’t want to vote.

Tomorrow the “B” stories should go up for people to read, enjoy, and hopefully vote on.

But the main thing is the heron.

Click to see a larger version.

The heron was playing stop-and-move with me on a recent cloudy and drizzly day at Crab Orchard Lake. Meaning, whenever I would stop the car and get out to snap photos, it would move farther along the shore.

At a certain point, I got smart. Funny that; I thought I was already smart, but that’s a contemplation for another time.

What I mean is, I got out of the car and walked toward the heron as I snapped away. Not the most ideal way to take photos, and hence why some of the photos are less-than-stellar (meaning, not sharp).

I was trying to catch the heron as it unfolded its wings, but — again — I missed the moment because I had to look down and make sure I didn’t accidentally fall into the lake; there’s a limit to the lengths I’m willing to go to for a good photo. 

But, I did catch a series of the bird flying away from me.

Click for a larger version.

As I said, not that great because I was trying to stabilize my footing and track the bird as I focused on it. For instance, I would have liked for this next photo to be in focus and sharp. Alas, that was not meant to be, but I like it anyway.

A bird too lazy to lift its legs while flying — Click for a larger version.

But, I got a few decent shots of its wing-spread as well as its landing . . .

I was remiss on getting a final shot with its wings folded, but the wind and rain had picked up and I ran back to the warmth and dryness of the car.

Anyway, getting back to the stories, if you haven’t yet done so — and if you enjoy bucking the trend of only reading successful writers — give the stories a read and please vote.

Here’s an unsolicited testimonial from a casual readerby.

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

Roving Disperser Reporter: “Sir, I just noticed you just read the “A” Stories. May we ask you a few questions?”

Random Blog Reader: “Sure, there’s nothing I like better than spending my short time on this Earth answering questions!”

Roving Disperser Reporter: “. . . er . . . is that sarcasm?”

Random Blog Reader: “Is that one of the questions?”

Roving Disperser Reporter: “Well, no; I was just wondering. The actual reason I rudely and thoughtlessly stopped you is that the blogosphere is interested in knowing how you would rate the 30 minutes you spent reading the three stories.”

Random Blog Reader: “I gotta tell you, until 30 minutes ago, I was desperate to find meaning in my life. I mean, I was contemplating ending it all and escaping the bleakness of an existence without meaning, but now I feel as if life is worth living.”

Roving Disperser Reporter: “Wow! That sounds amazing!”

Random Blog Reader: “Don’t it, though? Look, I’d love to stay and chat, but there are billions of people on this chunk of rock hurtling through space, and most are searching for meaning and purpose. I now know my purpose, and I have meaning, self-worth, and I value myself as someone that matters.”

Roving Disperser Reporter: “Wow! I hate to repeat myself since I should be better with words, but that sounds amazing!”

Random Blog Reader: “Yes, it is. I know now I must go and spread the word about the Alphabet Challenge to the four corners of this round world and make people understand true meaning can only be found in following — and reading — this blog! See ya!”

Roving Disperser Reporter: “And there you have it, folks! Unbelievable as it sounds, it appears this blog and those stories are what people have been searching for all along. And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog post.”

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

Disclaimer: Disperser Tracks blog does not guarantee similar enlightenment from the reading of this blog’s content. Results may vary depending on factors outside our control. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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