Reminder: vote for favorite Alphabet Challenge “A” Story

Another quick reminder to vote for your favorite story out of the three Alphabet Challenge “A” Submissions. You can vote HERE and for them who have yet to read them, there are links to each of the stories in that post.

If you’re a person who talks to your plants, they will enjoy hearing you read the stories to them aloud and it gives you 30 minutes of quality time with your green charges. Reading them on your own is also good and it takes even less time. You have a whole month to read them before the voting closes. But that’s not what I suggest. The opposite, in fact. Get to it now! Chop, chop. And tell all your friends.

Remember: it’s a win-win. If you like any or all of the stories, you can direct your good friends to them and thus strengthen the bond between you and your friends. If you hate all the stories, you can forward them to any annoying friends you may want to alienate and remove from your life.

And now, a reworking of the photos from the previous reminder.

Topaz Lab’s Impression app – click for larger view.

That’s Mauna Kea with snow and observatories atop it. Right now, superstitious indigenous people are doing their best to stop the construction of a new telescope. Something about the mountain being sacred and an ancient burial ground. Funny that because the whole island is a burial ground.

Lots and lots of people lived and killed each other all over those islands. By those standards, no one should live anywhere on those islands. Honest, I tried being sympathetic to the arguments but there’s a basic lack of honesty about it that I find annoying. Other than a few — very few by my personal experience — most natives don’t seem to live the Aloha spirit or have any spiritual connection to the places they consistently trash.

I guess there’s inherent hypocrisy with all religions; they all claim religious privileges when it’s convenient.

Anyway, here are two more photos from the Big Island. Both are treated with more Topaz Lab’s Impression app painting filters.

Watercolor filter – click for a larger view
I think this is a modified Edward Hopper filter – click for larger view

Some of the photos were treated with multiple filters. For instance, the fallen tree.

Those were created using Topaz Lab’s Glow Plugin.

This next gallery has my efforts with Topaz’s Texture plugin . . . 

Wait . . . I think that’s the Texture plugin, but it could be a combination of other plugins.

But, I’m pretty sure this next gallery is me using the Texture plugin.

Next, I tried Topaz Lab Studio 2 with the Restyle plugin and different settings and adjustments in the app.

Back to Glow for the deer shot since I didn’t like other stuff I tried.

Topaz Lab’s Glow plugin — click for larger view

And, we end with . . . well, shoot! I don’t remember which Topaz processing I used for this photo (there are a lot of options).

click for larger view

Remember to vote for your favorite story and to direct friends, enemies, and people you have no opinion about toward the trio of stories. I also think it’s a great way to make new friends:

You: “Hi! Have you heard of the Alphabet Challenge?”

Future Best Friend: “Why, no. Does it have anything to do with soup?”

You: “No, no. It’s these three guys no one knows. They fancy themselves writers, you see, and they post their efforts for people to ridicule . . . er . . . read.”

Future Best Friend: “Sounds like something that would take a lot of time.”

You: “No, it’s less than 30 minutes to read all three stories.”

*** 30 minutes later ***

Future Best Friend: “Thank you so much for pointing me to those stories. I never laughed so hard in all my life!”

You: “. . . er . . . they’re not supposed to be . . . You know what? Never mind. Let’s go get a drink and talk about politics and religion!”

Future Best Friend: “Sure thing! That sounds like fun!”

And they were friends happily ever after.


See? That could be you and your FBF!

Here’s the gallery of the above . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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