Find the Hummingbird — Part 3

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Easy to find.

For many of the following photos — like the next gallery — I was pretty close to the birds and if my occasionally faulty memory serves me right, the camera was on a tripod.

It was on a tripod because I was trying to use the Nikon SnapBridge app to remotely control the camera. Unfortunately, Android’s recent update makes it impossible to connect to a WiFi that is not connected to the Internet. Meaning, when I connect the phone to the camera’s signal, the phone refuses the connection because there’s no Internet.

Thank you, Google. You suck more and more every day. “Do no evil” my ass.

Anyway, these were manually shot while the camera was on a tripod.

This next shot was hand-held and I missed the better shot by a split second . . .

The better shot was when the hummingbird you see flying off was perched on the drooping branch.

OK, here are two more shots; one hummingbird is easy to find, the other a bit more difficult.

This next bird seemed curious about what I was doing.

This next hummingbird tried to blend in, but I found him.

Here’s another small gallery with close-ups.

OK, a break from hunting hummingbirds . . .

. . . before giving you some mildly difficult ones to find. All of the next photos have a hummingbird in them.

Remember, you can click on the photos and have a larger version open up in another window or tab.

OK, I’m done with these hummingbirds.

Tomorrow I’ll post three short stories whose titles begin with the letter “A”. Because they are a bit long, each story will be in its own post, and there will be a followup post where readers can vote for their favorite.

Here’s the gallery of the above photos presented in random order.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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