Find the Hummingbird — Part 2

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Some might remember the first Find the Hummingbird post and the post with the answers.
This one is a might easier so I’m not planning on providing answers.

See? What did I tell you? Pretty easy, right?
Here’s another softball serve . . .

These photos are from August (2019). Long time no see, yah?
I’m taking a break from writing the first of the Alphabet short stories and I figured I should close out the 2019 hummingbird season by posting the remaining photos over the course of a few posts.
Here’s a super-easy FtH challenge . . .

I mean, they jump out at me, but maybe it’s not so easy for others.
Others are a bit trickier even when I know where to look.

And then, it reverts to being super-easy, barely an inconvenience.

Mildly difficult . . .

. . . and back to fairly easy.

I considered not telling that the next photo has no hidden hummingbirds, but that would have been malicious.

I wasn’t going to include this here as it fits better with the Orphans series, but I like the curlicues on the seeds.

And now, back to the FtH challenge.

Here’s the thing . . . I know that only one or two people will spend more than a few seconds looking for the birds. Know that I appreciate the effort put forth.

These next two are pretty close to being the same photo. Get one and you’ll have the other.

This next series is also very easy so I’ll clump them all in a gallery.

And this next series — while not super easy — are also all in one gallery because if you get one, you’ll get the others.

There’s one other photo for this post and it’s of grass seeds . . . enjoy.

Anyway, that’s all for Part 2. Stay tuned for more in this series with future photos focusing mainly on hummingbirds.

Here’s the gallery of the above photos.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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