The year 2019 in photos — Part III

All of these are from the last four months of posting so they might still be fresh in some people’s memories.

I’m fairly certain most of the non-regular readers don’t see the entirety of my posts. It’s evident that if they see them on Facebook, Twitter, or the WordPress Reader, all they’re responding to is whatever single photo is shown along with the first few lines of the post.

Anyway, the following are samples from the months of September through today.

And, September had a fair amount of photos, in part because, while on the NECA cruise, I had very good Internet service on the ship, and all phone photos, those were. But, before that, I played around with other phone photos and phone apps.

Of course, I was still putting the D7500 through its paces. Even did a bit of hide-and-seek with hummers.

Before leaving, I got into herbs . . .

And then, the cruise . . . all of the photos were from the phone and processed with apps I have on the phone.

In September, ElBob left us . . . he is and will continue to be remembered.

Come October, I got two new pieces of post-processing software. Luminar 3 and Aurora HDR 2019 and multiple examples appeared on the blog as I learned the settings and quirks of the software. True, most of the photos dated back a number of years but they were new — and mostly better — versions.

October ended with Magnolia seeds, fox, milkweed seed, and stuff.

And, then, Halloween . . .

November saw other pieces of software — DxO Photo Lab, Nik Collection, Topaz Labs Sharpen AI and other Topaz offerings — being put through their paces.

And so, we come to December. I almost didn’t include this month because regular readers should have these fresh in their memory . . . but what of readers years from now, when my blog is being examined by people trying to understand why such diverse and interesting content never attracted more than a handful of visitors.

Again, mostly a month of playing with software, but also doing another NECA post.

And, let’s not forget my foray into PlotAVerse . . .

It wasn’t a fantastic year, but it’s no slouch.

It’s almost as if I’m getting the hang of this photography and blogging thing. See you in 2020.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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