The year 2019 in photos — Part II

So, the first four months were . . . lacking. Specifically, lacking in photos. To be sure, there were a lot of photos, and they will eventually post, but this is a review of what I posted, not what I photographed.

Come May, we were a bit more settled and I had a new D7500 and two new lenses. Of course, my posting rate went up.

Most of the photos were from around the house since we were done with traveling for a bit.

June still had me play with the new camera and trying out different lens combinations. Plus, I really enjoyed spending time in the yard. Bugs, birds, flowers, rocks . . . all good stuff. I ventured out some, too. Note that some were repeat postings as I tried out different processing tools. Also, I continued documenting our 2017 Alaska cruise.

July saw more of the same . . .

And August had me in full shooting swing . . . but fewer postings were made . . .

And, that’s the end of the second trimester. I should mention these are only a sample of the photos I posted. If you want to see them all, you need to start with the January 2019 posts and work your way through the year.

I’ll cover the rest of the months tomorrow.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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