The 1500 Words Short Story Challenge — Final Result

The voting ended and the results are in . . . but, before I present the winner, if you haven’t yet done so — and if so inclined — please take a few minutes (about 15-20 minutes) and read the three stories in THIS POST for context. Otherwise, dear reader, skip this post as the awards will be meaningless to you.

These results below are based on 10 votes (out of 50 views). I had warned the writers who contributed their stories that my 1,500 followers are mostly no-show and fewer than 1% engage with the blog.

Still, it was a better turnout (both in views and in voting) than any of my writing efforts alone.

So, how did it go?

The winner — with a commanding 70% of the votes — is . . . .

Some readers might remember Perry also won the Elven competition held at Legendary Post in 2014, so you know he’s a formidable writing opponent (and a good friend).

I asked Perry for a statement regarding his landslide win . . . and he gave me two:

It’s like this – almost nobody wants to take a survey or cast a vote or pass judgment. It’s a special hominid that will take the time to scrutinize the quality of three sundry short stories. To those of you that fit this elite, exclusive category, I thank you.

Having prevailed in the voting total (landslide?), I want you to know that you made the right decision. My story was manifestly better than the other two submissions. To those that voted for the lackluster fiction, I forgive you. To those that cast their lot in with my superlative story, I applaud your literary erudition. You are smart; you are perceptive; and you are the true winners . . . for having chosen the truest winner . . . me.

. . . and a more serious — and modest — version . . .

I want to say a quick (but sincere) thanks to the kind folks that volunteered to read, evaluate, and vote on the three short stories. I am honored that my piece was chosen. Again, thank you for your eyeballs, your brains, and most importantly, your time.

I’ll probably do a post with each of the writers critiquing the stories (including theirs), but for now, here are the results for the remaining awards.

In second place, with 20% of the votes, sits my entry . . .

In third place, with 10% of the votes, sits Gary’s entry . . .

No statements from the second and third place finishers since this is Perry’s moment to shine.

There’s one more reward up for grabs — the Professional Validation Award — but that won’t be awarded until this weekend. I’ll post an update then.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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7 Responses to The 1500 Words Short Story Challenge — Final Result

  1. AnnMarie says:

    Well, the waiting is over and you’ve got yourself a Silver Quill . . . good for you! I hope this will inspire you to use it to pen . . . I mean . . . quill more stories! Congrats to the others.


  2. Perry says:

    As the anointed victor, I feel compelled to comment. When I read the other two submissions, I was poleaxed by the quality of the competition. Who knew these guys were so good? Certainly, not I. However, after reading their stories multiple times, their brilliance blossomed. I recommend their writings…and…if time permits…my own. After all, I’m the guy that just used the word “poleaxed” semi-successfully in a blurb.
    So, I’ll accept my plaudits…as I simultaneously extend my praise of the competition. I congratulate them on their ignominious 1st and 2nd place loser awards. (Be it known, I love them both…so much so, I trust them with my acerbic satire). #paticipationawards!

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    • Congrats, Perry! :-)


    • disperser says:

      You are welcome, Perry, for your semi-gracious acceptance of this great honor.
      As this is your moment, I’ll show some restraint in replying to your quasi-compliments but know I appreciate them.

      I will correct one thing . . . we can’t be losers whenwe share the same stage and bask in the glow of your magnificence. Just being brushed by the fringes of your brilliance makes us weiners . . . er . . . winners in the eyes of your admirers. For, there is no ignominy in being bested by the best as we struggle on in mediocrity.

      For, there is no question;
      ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
      The slings and arrows of no fortune,
      Than take arms against the more fortunate
      And by opposing end them. To write, again.
      And in writing, quell the ache of what was not.


  3. Congrats to Perry!
    Congrats to you, Emilio!
    Congrats to Gary!

    Like I’ve said…I REALLY did enjoy all three stories!
    Thanks for letting us read and vote!


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