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I’m sounding like a one-trick pony . . .

But with less hair and no tail.

The thing is, I got to looking at my old photos and got hooked on reprocessing them with Topaz Sharpen AI, Adjust AI, and Skylum Aurora HDR 2019. So, here are a few more . . .

First up, two Mule Deer bucks . . .

Fine specimens, they are . . . were. Those are from 2011 so I don’t know if these guys made it past 8 hunting seasons. The average life of a deer in the wild is 4.5 years because of hunting, disease, car collisions, and (out there, in Colorado) predators.

Ugh . . . let me take your mind off deer mortality . . . unless they’re eating your roses, in which case, go ahead and wish them dead.

That’s not a composite photo. That’s the full moon setting over Pikes Peak. I was late for work because I sat there, by the side of the road, waiting for this shot. I took a few more, which you can see HERE. Note how much better this photo is compared to the originals. Much more detail on the face of the moon.

If you click on the photo, the larger version will show the visitor center to the left of the moon. Lucky that . . . it could have been crushed!

The photos in this post have been added to THIS SmugMug gallery.

Next up, a photo from the Cripple Creek Visitor Center . . .

There be gold in them there hills . . . literally. I photographed that water wagon pretty much whenever we drove to Cripple Creek. Known for its gambling casinos, we mostly went for the scenic drive to and from there.

Next up, a denizen of Denver’s Butterfly Pavillion. The full post is HERE, and this next photo is from that visit.

Gotta rush to the end because it’s late . . .

Next up, a fox that had been napping in my yard in our Monument home. That post is HERE.

I’ll end with one of my favorite captures (“Holy crap on a cracker! How many favorites does Disperser have?”). The post with this and other photos is HERE.

And, That’s it for today’s post. No additional words of wisdom (though I gotz a’plenty) or advice on how one should live one’s life (though I gotz some); just a closing gallery:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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