More Old Favorites and Another Reminder to Vote

If you haven’t yet done so — and if so inclined — please take a few minutes (about 15-20 minutes) and read the three stories in THIS post and then, if feeling charitable, please cast your vote for one of them (the survey is after the stories).

Also, if you are associated with the publishing industry (editor, published author, agent, etc.) and would like to volunteer as a judge to help us confer our Professional Recognition Award, please drop me a line or leave a comment. Thank you.

And that’s enough of that . . .

The following photos are the rest of the photos I had processed a few days ago. I posted the first set yesterday. Some of these photos show different poses of the same subjects . . .

And some are new subjects . . .

That still ranks as one of the prettier squirrels I’ve photographed. The original was already sharp, but Topaz Sharpen AI eked out a bit more details.

Yesterday I showed the toad with mosquitos . . . can you spot all the bugs in this next photo? Click on the photo for a larger version and to better see the details.

This next photo is the favorite of my bullfrog photos . . .

Okay, Okay . . . here’s one more bullfrog photo, but it’s the last one.

We can learn a lot from our animal friends . . .

. . . like stop and smell the flowers . . .

This next guy reminds us to get the occasional haircut . . .

Some animals are wise; this next one tells us to question things that seem too good to be true . . . also, authority, religion, political promises, and big tech companies assuring us they have our best interest in mind.

The last two photos are of a hawk I’ve shared before. Ranking well up there in the favorite shot column, neither originals of these two photos was clear and sharp . . . but now both could merit those descriptors.

I’m especially impressed with the first of the two photos. It’s definitively worth a click for a better view.

The second photo is not bad, but it’s grainier. All are in THIS SmugMug Gallery.

Just a few comments before I close . . . seven people (thus far) voted on the trio of stories. It doesn’t seem like a lot given I have (supposedly) nearly 1,500 followers. But, it’s more than I usually get for my writing.  We might get one or two more votes, but with the passing of each day, that is less and less likely.

I typically get something like 20 visitors per day. These last three days, I’ve averaged 33 visitors per day . . . but, of those 100 visitors, only 40 visited the post with the stories.  The rest came here for other reasons (usually, to read posts with Firefly content).

From those 20 visitors per day, I typically get something like 10 “likes” (doesn’t speak well for my content). I seldom get more than a few comments, and those are from regular readers with whom I interact at least weekly, either on this blog or their blog.

The point I’m making is that 7 votes are less than I hoped for but more than I expected.

Now, many articles will tell you how to attract more visitors. Shorter posts, fewer photos, conversational tone (I think I’ve always done that last bit), and other suggestions one of which cracks me up: offer better content.

Dang! Why didn’t I think of that!?

Disclaimer: I shouldn’t have to repeat this, but it’s necessary. Don’t take any of this as me complaining. It’s just data. Some might be tempted to offer suggestions, but I’m too old to change what and how I do things. And, I’m fine with it.

Anyway, I’ll keep doing these posts for another few days, hoping to score one or two more votes.

I’ll leave you with a gallery of the above:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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