Just in! Fox gets out of the rain!

I don’t mind rainy days . . . provided I’m inside, all comfy and dry. That said, today, a rainy and wet day, I went and sat outside where I could enjoy the gentle rain that thoroughly soaked everything. Of course, I was under my covered patio, on a comfortable chair, drinking my coffee. Got me a few decent photos, too.

After a while, I went back in . . . but I must have been a good role model because when I happened to glance out a little while later . . .

You can see its coat is still wet in places but it must have been there for a bit because it isn’t soaked. That photo was taken about three hours ago and the fox is still there . . . and, yes, I snapped a few photos.

That’s probably the same fox that was under the wire table and that got spooked and ran off when Melisa opened the blinds this morning.

The reason I said I was a good role model is that, obviously, wherever it went, it must have watched me enjoy the comfort of the chair and it decided to follow suit once I vacated the area.

I don’t normally condone wildlife getting too comfortable around the house or us (with the exception of hummingbirds), but it was truly miserable out and we didn’t have the heart to chase it away.

To be clear, I’m a big fan of wildlife but not letting them (or me) get too familiar is for both my protection and theirs. Animals have good reason to keep clear of humans and just because I’m nice to them, odds are they would quickly learn that’s not a given with other people they encounter.

We’re assuming it’ll go hunting once it gets dark. We’re also speculating its den might have gotten flooded (did I mention lots of rain?) and this is a one-time occurrence. Whatever the reason, it got very comfortable . . .

The quality of the (phone) photos isn’t all that great because I was shooting at an angle and through two layers of glass (the window and the glass/screen door).

I did manage a movie . . .

For them interested, a little information about Red Foxes:



Meanwhile, this one is still out there, relaxing.

I like how its paw runs through the armrest loop and its ear is resting on the armrest.

. . . I’ll have to give that a try . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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