Aurora HDR 2019 Software – Part 4 (the Singles)

OK, if you don’t know about Aurora HDR 2019 by now, it means you’re not reading my posts. That means it’s no use for me to review what these posts are about.

If you have been reading, then I can tell you this post is all about single photos being run through the Aurora HDR engine with one of the canned presets in the program. What I show below is one original and its version output from Aurora presented in gallery form.

A few of the photos will have multiple versions and these will all be in their own galleries for easy comparisons. 

For instance:

Not many words in this post . . . just photos.

Right; here’s the first bunch of photos (Original first, Aurora output second):

OK, this next gallery is of one photo from atop Haleakalā (“house of the sun”), Maui. The variations are subtle but I can easily discern the difference in the full-size versions.

OK, back to single outputs . . .

The last few galleries are photos with multiple versions.

Snowy landscape . . .

Hawk taking flight (this is iffy because the original needs little work; one of these is me doing a few tweaks in Lightroom)

Caribbean Island . . .

Sunset at sea No. 1 (only two, so no gallery) . . .

Output from Aurora HDR 2019

Sunset at sea No. 2 . . .

Sunset at sea No. 3 . . . I didn’t output the original of this photo so, here’s just the output from Aurora.

Output from Aurora HDR 2019

Again, to recap, all of these are single photos (not bracketed shots) run through Aurora HDR. If there’s only one version, it’s a preset from the program. If there are multiple versions, it’s multiple presets from the program with maybe a few tweaks by me.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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