Quick NECA Cruise Update 05 – the rest of Bar Harbor

I’m writing this from the LaGuardia Delta Gate 29 (Terminal C) . . . our scheduled 1:10 pm flight has now been pushed back to 3:10 pm.

Most annoying and an unwelcomed development given that we were scheduled to (by now) have pick up our car and be driving home. Oh well; it’s yet another reminder as to why travel by commercial carrier sucks.

So, where where we? Oh, yeah . . . Bar Harbor.

So, after looking into a few shops (but not finding anything to buy) we made our way back down to the water. The place is certainly picturesque.

I missed the four-mast ship come in. Well, I got it with the regular camera but I didn’t take out the phone until it was moored. Still a nice photo, though.

Here’s a photo with a different angle and look.

The building on the right is part of a resort and there’s a nice walking path that goes right along the shore and along the coast for a bit. Yes, we went for a stroll by the seashore.

Wait! before those photos, I had promised a more traditional-looking Maple leaf.

Wait! I forgot to show a few more photos from our walk through the town.

Nope! Despite the low price of $10 I resisted the urge to find out what the future holds for me.

I much prefer getting an unexpected bad surprise than be told something bad is coming and I have to wonder what and when.

Yes, that’s the same clock as in the previous post. What can I say; I like the clock.

We knew we were a bit (a lot) early for the colors so I was grateful to have a few trees change for my benefit.

There are a lot of flowers planted all over the place, and especially in the squares and near the resort.

I liked these leaves and did an extra bit of processing on them

Speaking of leaves and extra processing . . .

There were a lot of bees and bee variants on the flowers and all of them intent on getting to the nectar . . . thus allowing me to get pretty close even with the phone. Here’s a bee buried in the lion’s mouth and sporting decent pollen sacs.

And, I forgot to show the fountain I saw on the way back to the shore.

Anyway, back to the shoreline.

The walk was quite scenic and provided me with a number of beautiful panoramas to photograph.

Uh-oh . . . the app doesn’t show me what photos are part of the gallery so I’m not certain of all the ones I picked. Also, some of the photos sport different treatments I thought might look good or be striking.

I know I didn’t pick these photos . . .

Don’t worry, I’ll have all the photos in a gallery at the end.

Eventually, we decided we’d walked enough and went back to the tender for our dose of interaction with other sardines . . . er . . . passengers packed in the tender.

But, the universe sometimes makes up for stuff . . . back on board, they had my favorite (shipboard) dessert . . .

There were additional capture opportunities before we left Bar Harbor.

Then . . .

. . . it poured. It didn’t last long but the temperature dropped a lot and a breeze helped keep the outdoor ambient temperature on the cool side (I doubt all but the crazies braved the weather to watch Movies Under the Stars).

I still have 100 minutes until our flight (if it’s not delayed any further). Perhaps I’ll do another post.

Here’s the gallery of the above (not in order as the app sucks in that regard).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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