Quick NECA Cruise 02 – Desserts

Some might have seen a few posts about desserts we had aboard the Coral Princess on our last two cruises. I’d link the previous posts but working with this app is not for someone with my temperament.

Anyway, this current cruise is somewhat of a disappointment as far as desserts are concerned.

They have cookies we like — lemon, oatmeal, double chocolate chips, and fudge brownies — but the other desserts are, sadly, lacking.

Most are either sugar-free, or gluten-free, or both. That means “not tasty”.

Desserts not ruined by “free” status fare no better by virtue of being free of flavor and looking mighty sad, to boot.

Here’s a gallery of today’s offerings which are better than yesterday’s offerings.

Of those, only the tart is marginally passable. The carrot cake might also qualify as ok if I liked carrot cake.

I did see a hazelnut dessert I know I like inside a display case. You have to ask for it, which I will.

But, you know, it should be better.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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