A few minutes in the back yard

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Bird 1: “Whatcha doin’?”
Me: “Drinking coffee and snappin’ photos of flowers . . . “
Me: “. . . and bugs on flowers.”
Me: “Can you see the three bugs in this and in the last photo?”
Bird 2: “I can see them; two June Bugs and a bee.”
Bird 1: “I don’t have time to look for bugs. I’m on the lookout for other hummingbirds . . .”
Bird 1: “. . . while I take a few sips of this here pseudo-nectar.”
Bird 3: “Hi! Mind if I join you in a non-aggressive way?”
Bird 1: “I don’t mind. It’s a welcome change from the usual attacks.”
Bird 1: “That way, we can both look out for aggressive hummingbirds.”
Bird 3: “Don’t worry; if any show up, I go behind the feeder and then I appear very large and they leave me alone.”
Bird 1: “That’s stupid; it only works if they are on the other side and then they’ll look just as large.”
Bird 3: “Are you calling me stupid?”
Bird 1: “I’m saying the idea is stupid. Besides, they can just fly around to your side.”
Bird 3: “It sounds like you’re calling me stupid. You can forget all about that non-aggressive stuff now; I flare my tail toward you!”
Bird 1: “Oh, for FSM’s sake! I’m outta here.”
Bird 3: “Let me look for other hummingbirds before I take a few sips of this here pseudo-nectar . . .”

Here’s the gallery of the above:

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