Bugs, Bees, Birds, Flowers, and Thoughts – Part 3 of 7

For them not interested in reading, you can go directly to the SmugMug Gallery HERE. These photos are added to the D7500 camera samples Gallery since they are taken exclusively with that camera.

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So, I’m doing this entirely on the phone. That means I have little control over the normal editing process (as far as we can call WordPress editing a normal process).
For instance, despite having set the color of the text, it looks like the text is not my regular color.

Life is so difficult that I honestly don’t know how I cope each day. I suppose all that I can do is soldier on. Yes, grit got I.

Above, is the continuation of the two-photo series started in the last post. I think this is the better of the two photos.

As a wild guess, I’m betting the photo’s format and stuff is all messed up. Meaning, if you click on the photos, they will open in the same tab that you were reading the post. Normally, they would open in a different tab or window. Keep that in mind; meaning, hit “back” rather than close the tab to get back to the blog post.

That, of course, assumes someone will actually click on the photos. Most people don’t.

There’s also a small chance the links to the SmugMug gallery won’t work. For that matter, I don’t know if the galleries in the post will work. I guess we’ll see.

I really like the elements of this photo. I’d like to comment more about it but it’s time for more of my thoughts.

Let me flat out say that–without question–quiet silent and odorless are the best kinds of farts.

Yes, I know that also goes for kids, dogs, cats, old people . . . heck, just about anything.

But, farts is the topic and having established the unquestioned superiority of the quiet silent and odorless scenario, we must then consider second best . . .

. . . which I posit is quiet silent and fragrant. You see, that gives you a measure of deniability. Not in all cases, of course, but nearly so.

Picture this: it’s some time after a couple of big bowls of broccoli, cabbage, and beans and you’re walking along when nature–in the form of a pungent whirlwind– takes its course.

You know with a high degree of certainty anyone following you will cross the wafting toxic cloud. If it was a quiet silent event, you can fake the appropriate reaction as if someone ahead of you was the culprit; you sway as if about to lose consciousness, fan the air in front of you, and finish up with your best “face of utter disgust”.

Understand, this won’t work if you’re in an elevator with only another person. I mean, you could give them a dirty look as if they were the culprits, but no amount of faking will convince them they let one go, and not you.

Third in rank, is loud and odorless. The only scenario where this has an advantage is when you are alone just before someone walks into the room. While you rejoice in knowing what the others are breathing, you can’t be tied to anything because the event is a real world application of the tree in the forest question: if you fart and there’s no one there with you, does it make a sound?

Mind you, if you can use your hands to make farting noises (a skill so few of us possess) you can quickly belt out a tune and hope that people will assume the first note was also struck by capable hands as opposed to irresponsible cheeks.

Of course, there’s loud and odorous . . . but, is it even worth discussing? I can’t imagine a scenario where this has any merit outside some sort of flatulence competition.

Let’s get back to photos, shall we?

Just a few flowers I happened to shoot. Did you notice the bug on the first one? I hadn’t when I shot the photo. A fortuitous happenstance only diminished by the bug not being in focus.

But, let’s talk horseflies . . .

Horseflies are big flies. They also bite. And, their bites are painful. To be clear, only the female bite.

How do you tell them apart,” you ask?

Well, the male have no space between the big eyes whereas the females have a definite separation between the eyes. Obviously, this is a female.

On a completely separate note, the seagulls are coming back to local lakes. Also, local parking lots near local lakes.

Also, at the spillway. I have two nearly identical photos, but only one is to my liking; the second photo.

I would tell you why I prefer the second photo but it’s time for more of my thoughts.

Be aware that you–in reading this–could find yourself insulted. It can’t be helped, I’m afraid.

So, we are traveling and doing so on the Interstate system. The roads are pretty good and the drive is relatively relaxing except for one thing. Actually, one particular type of driver. It’s not a rare type; quite common, in fact.

It’s the driver that merges into 70-mph traffic at 50-mph or below.

Two scenarios then present themselves:

1) you have no choice but change lanes because the idiot shows no sign of obeing the Yield signs or even being aware you’re in the lane they want to occupy.

That’s when the person idiot merging in decides to speed up. But, not just speed up; they match your speed, essentially blocking you from moving back into the lane you just left. You now find yourself in the fast lane with a bunch of miscreants drives tailgating you, leaving you with no choice but to speed up and try to pass the idiot and get back to your lane by breaking the law and risking a ticket.

That works unless the idiot also speeds up.

You could try to slow down (and risk getting hit from behind) in the hope of sliding in behind the idiot . . . but the moment you slow down, the miscreant behind you will want to pass you on the right.

You really can’t win.

2) you are blocked from changing lanes so you slow down to let the person idiot merge in . . . but they also slow down. You are now both traveling to an intersect point where two cars will attempt to occupy the same space, so you slow down some more. The idiot finally decides to slide in ahead of you . . . but you’re now doing 20-mph below the limit and are again in danger of being hit from behind. The left lane is still occupied by miscreants going well above the limit and you have no chance to slide over to pass. But, if you do get an opening, it finally dawns on the idiot that they’re going below the limit and you repeat the end of scenario #1.

I’m sorry, but whatever redeeming other qualities that idiot possesses they do not make up for putting themselves, me, and others in danger.

Someday, when I am confirmed as supreme leader of the Galaxy, such people will be dealt with in a most unkind way.

Anyway, here’s the gallery of the above photos and please forgive spelling and other errors as I’m tired and typing this on a phone that, while capable, is still primarily a phone (even if it has aspirations to be “more than”):

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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