More Dragonflies of June 2019

For them not interested in reading, you can go directly to the SmugMug Gallery HERE.  This is the same gallery as the previous post; I just added the photos below to the gallery.

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Given the tremendous success of the previous post, I decided to dust off a few more photos of dragonflies. These were shot a few days later and not in my yard.

You can see a bit of it here but the original (in the SmugMug gallery) will show you more details. You can click on these photos and view the larger version that opens up in a new tab. That’s right: more fine hairs.

Also, don’t worry; fewer photos here . . . but I’ll still have the same number of flowers photos.

These dragonflies didn’t sit still as long as the more considerate specimen in my yard.

But, there’s a little secret to shooting dragonflies . . . if you disturb them, they tend to fly around for a bit and then land back where they took off from.

All you have to do is wait there with the camera focused on the spot they last occupied. OK, OK, this isn’t foolproof. But, it has a high probability of succeeding. I’d say better than eight times out of ten.

Both the green and blue versions are fine-looking specimen and much like Holliwood stars . . .

That’s right; they do yoga together . . .

Uh-oh! Looks like they hired security to fend off unwanted paparazzi.

I kid, of course . . . there’s no such thing as an unwanted paparazzi.

The place I visited was swarming with all sorts of dragonflies.

OK, mostly blue ones and a few green ones.

The variety of backgrounds sometimes made them difficult to spot.

This next photo is of a Japanese Beetle (May or June Bug, depending on your location).

I like their coloring but I don’t like them. I’ve not waged war against these destructive pests for a number of years now. Unfortunately, my property has a number of plants these bugs find tasty. 

I’ve applied for a permit to buy a June Bug shotgun . . . but in the meantime, I dispose of them I can catch and hired one of them lawn companies to spray something that will discourage them from attacking my plants. I know for a fact my neighbor isn’t treating her shrubs, so I’m hoping the bugs migrate to her property.

I’m not saying that in a nasty way; ideally, everyone treats for these bugs and thus keep their numbers down for the following year; not only on their property, but for the entire neighborhood. Instead, most people just bitch about them and opt for wishful thinking.

This butterfly contemplated a mud bath . . .

Here are two more specimen. They could be the same dragonfly, and if so you can still enjoy its details.

I think it’s time for the other flower photo . . .

It looks like the same flower but, trust me on this, it’s not.

This next guy (or gal) may — in fact — be the same as one of the previous posers.

Remember how on the last post I mentioned a blue dragonfly I’d been trying to photograph? Well, it’s not like the blue ones I showed above. Nope; it’s like this one . . .

This type of dragonfly always brings to mind a drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci; specifically, some of Leonardo’s ideas for flying machines.

Also, because you often don’t notice the transparent portions of the wings, it looks like the wings are composed only of the dark brown portions and it looks like they float on either side of the bugwithout being attached to anything.

Well, here’s one more green one, and then I have to go.

Here’s a gallery of the above presented in random order.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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