An all too common modern tale

“I believe this thing, and I’m tired of people telling me I might be wrong, even if they have information supporting their arguments.”

“Well, now, you’re in luck! It just so happens our group also believes the same thing and we don’t trust information that doesn’t support what we think. You should join us.”

“Really? There’s a whole group of people who believe the same thing I do?”


“And, you have arguments to counter people who don’t believe this thing?”

“No; we just exclude them from the group and then we ridicule them, marginalize them, and sometimes threaten them.”

“Wow, that’s nice! That way, I would never hear that I’m wrong about this thing. How do I join this group?”

“Well, you just show up and start repeating what you already know, and other people in the group will nod their head. And then, they will repeat the same thing, and you nod your head. Plus, everyone works hard to find only stuff that supports what we all believe.”

“That is amazing! I can’t wait to join in the fun; finally, I will feel at home and won’t feel intimidated by arguments supported by facts!”

“Arguments supported by facts?”

“Sorry, ‘lies’; I meant, intimidated by lies.”

“Now you’re getting it. Plus, we can also discuss this other thing and these other two things we all believe.”

“Wait, what?”

“Well, everyone in the group also believes this other thing and these other two things.”

“But, wait . . . what if I don’t believe this other thing and those other two things?”

“Well, then you cannot be part of this group. We can’t have people disrupting the group and making others feel uncomfortable. Wait; are you saying you don’t believe this other thing and these other two things?”

“Uh . . . to tell you the truth, I could go either way about that other thing and those other two things don’t sound right to me.”

“That’s too bad; I think you would have liked our group.”

“Wait; you mean I can’t join?”

“Well, you know how you don’t like hearing challenges from people who doubt what you believe?”

“Yes . . . Oh, I see; others in the group don’t like hearing challenges about their beliefs!”

“That’s right; we all march in step, and we don’t question each other; it’s what makes us a family.”

“I argue with my family all the time.”

“Well, we don’t allow arguments; it’s our number one rule.”

“But, what if I have a question or hear a challenge from someone outside the group? What if I have doubts?”

“Oh, don’t worry; the group is very good at keeping everyone on an even keel and doubt-free. We’ll make sure you remain doubt-free. That is the strength of numbers at work.”

“And that works?”

“Well, there are the occasional so-called ‘independent thinkers‘ who insist on questioning stuff, but we oust them from the group, and then everyone shuns them. It works pretty well at keeping everyone in line. Besides, there aren’t that many of them. Uh . . . you’re not one of them independent thinkers, are you?”

“Who, me? No, I try to do as little independent thinking as possible. But, wait; are you saying thinking is not allowed? That seems strange.”

“Oh, we think all the time . . . as a group. You’ve heard how ‘two heads are better than one?‘ Many heads all thinking the same thing is multiple times better than that. In fact, we pride ourselves in our thinking ability and we all agree our thinking is tops. It makes it much easier to counter or even dismiss things we don’t agree with because, obviously, as a group, we are much smarter than any one person with facts . . . er . . . I mean, with lies, and therefore, we can’t be wrong. Besides, being wrong makes us uncomfortable and everyone knows it’s lies that make people uncomfortable whereas our truth wraps us in a comfortable — and unassailable — cocoon.”

“You’ve sold me! It sounds exactly what I’ve been looking for. Now I won’t have to think for myself or even question myself because I have the support of my group.”

“Welcome aboard!”

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That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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