American Robin taking a bath

People might wonder why I haven’t posted much of late. Yeah, me too. I mean, it’s not for lack of material. At last count, I have 1.67 gazillion photos to pick from and at least ten times that many words to go with them.

Just lazy, I tell you. Lazy and preoccupied with many things that assail and destroy what little attention span I direct at maintaining this blog.

. . . perhaps I ought to do one of them there projects again. But not 360 or even 313. Or, I don’t even have to call it a project. Just post a random photo every day.

Perhaps a flower . . . 

. . . even one I’d used before. I mean, what are the chances one of my six readers (out of 1500 subscribers) would recognize it, let alone remember it?

Waves are always nice . . .

. . . but so passé.

Trees are nice . . .

. . . even when they’re dead.

Birds . . . well, everyone likes birds, don’t they?

Do you know why people like birds?

Because they bathe . . . vigorously.

Make sure to watch the movie in HD.

By the way, here’s an interesting thing . . . I shot the video in 4K . . . but you’re watching it — if you opted to watch it — in 1080p. Also, I think it’s compressed a bit so perhaps not the best of 1080p.

The reason is that the 44 seconds of 4K video resulted in a 658MB MP4 file . . . unfortunately, YouTube has a limit of 138MB for mere peons like me (and likely, you).

I’m not sure what’s the advantage of shooting in 4K . . . other than you can pull higher quality stills from the movie.

Like these:

I uploaded the video to SmugMug (HERE) along with the full-size still. I don’t know if the video will show better than on YouTube but you can see the photos at full size there. Mind you, just those of the robin.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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