Topaz Labs Adjust AI Contest

I did a post about The Topaz Labs Adjust AI offering . . . and I’m now following up with another post because Topaz Labs are running a contest (entry by July 1st) for the best use of Adjust AI.

The winner gets a copy of Adjust AI . . . which seems strange since the winner likely already has Adjust AI. Wait; someone could download a trial of the software and hope they win the software.

Regardless, I’m entering for the fun of it since I’m confident I will not win.

These are smaller versions of the photos I’m considering for the contest. When I choose the submissions-worthy photos I’ll send the full-size versions  . . . but, you can see all the full size photos right now by going to the SmugMug Gallery HERE.

So, the way this works, I will show the original and then show the version processed using Adjust AI.

I could show them like this:

01 – Original
01 – HDR Daylight (modified)

I think that makes it difficult to compare the two versions. Instead, I’ll do a massive gallery (53 photos, so maybe not all that massive) and thus when readers scroll through it, they can quickly and easily see the difference between the original and “adjusted” versions by scrolling back and forth for any photo of interest.

Also, when I write “modified” in the captions, it means I made some adjustments to the preset listed.

Okely Dokely; here we go . . .

Note how on the last photo I stacked some effects atop each other. It adds even more variations to what you can do.

You can list your favorites in the comments. Or not. I’ll likely pick and submit 5 or 6 photos (depending on how I feel about giving away my photos) and I wouldn’t mind knowing where my tastes fall relative to those of my readers. If a fan of Monty Python, tell me what favorite character no one expects appears in the gallery.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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