Thursday’s haul

People may have noticed I’ve not posted many phone photos lately. Sort of understandable, what with the new camera and all. But it doesn’t mean I’ve not snapped any photos. In May alone there are 387 photos and videos I could share.

Perhaps one day I will, but for now, a few photos and a video I took today.

I’ll begin with the video, for a change . . . 

These are in a window of an insurance office in downtown Benton. 

A few seem to have stopped working, but the rest easily pick up the slack. 

Have you ever seen the intestines of a rock? No? Well, you’re in luck. 

I wanted to e-mail some geologist or other to learn more about this rock . . . but when you go to any of the “ask a geologist” sites, the first thing you read is  . . . don’t ask us to identify a rock. 

On another note, today I helped my third turtle across the road. Unlike the other two who were aquatic turtles (the kind I see in lakes around here), this appeared to be a land turtle. Different physiology makes me venture that guess. The guess is that it was an Eastern Box Turtle. 

Or not. I could be wrong because I didn’t get to have a good look at the head and limbs so it’s difficult to be certain. 

Speaking of boxes, these are two flower boxes in front of our garage windows. I’d say they are doing pretty good. 

We were at a garden shop the other day and I spend a few minutes photographing flowers. I’ll be doing a post on it (or otherwise post the photos) but for now, a quick taste . . . 

Speaking of taste, here’s what happens when you give your latte a chance to stratify.

. . . you guessed it . . . it stratifies. 

Also, it gets a bit cold. Mind you, I don’t mind cooler coffee but in the case of lattes, I prefer them to be served hot . . . and this one was . . . but I waited too long to drink it. 

Finally, I’ve been cutting up lot of boxes lately, what between the boxes we had mailed and the stuff we ordered that comes in boxes. As I was cutting up a particular box, I began to wonder if I was hurting them.

Do boxes feel pain? You tell me . . . 

I was Groot.

Well, that’s it. Basically, I wanted to let people know I am still here. Also, apologize to all the blogs I’m late in reading and responding to. 

I’ll get to everyone in the next few days, but meanwhile, enjoy the gallery of the above:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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8 Responses to Thursday’s haul

  1. AnnMarie says:

    All I can think to say about that stone is, “You rock!”.


  2. HA! I love that video! :-D (Yes, I AM easily amused, but I find that so so SO much fun!)
    Thank you for being a Turtle-Helper!
    Love the cardboard expression! Hope he is happier soon!
    YAY for garden shops! Love your window box of flowers and plants!
    As far as the rock…”My eyes! My eyes!” Now I can’t unsee that. I thought maybe it was a pregnant rock, with multiple babies. I’ve never seen anything like that!
    HUGS!!! Happy Fri-YAY!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      I’d walk by that place a few times before but in the rain. A sunny day had them all dancing and I could take my time filming them without getting drenched.

      You are most welcome; I like turtles . . . probably because they’re also antisocial.

      A pregnant rock . . . I’d ask a geologist but, apparently, they don’t want to be asked questions about rocks (!).

      And thank you, Carolyn.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s so interesting and weird that geologists don’t want to answer questions about rocks. Wild!


      • disperser says:

        On the one hand, I can understand it . . . people think all sorts of things are weird when often it’s just they’ve never noticed them before. Plus, last time I looked, there be lots of stones sitting here and there and gathering moss . . . that’s a lot of potential questions.

        On the other hand, they could specify certain parameters like including high-resolution photos and a detailed account of where the stone was found.

        A sure-fire way to both curtail a flood of questions and to allow the truly curious to still ask questions would be to charge for each question one dollar (or two dollars if they still get a lot of stupid questions) that would go toward funding a scholarship toward a gemologist degree.

        . . . I’m thinking I might want to go back to school and get a geologist degree just so I could identify my own stones . . . er . . . rocks. Actual rocks, that is.


  3. seekraz says:

    I have wondered about boxes before, not wondered so much as just thought about them, how everyone just uses them and puts them away or gets rid of them when they’re done. I’m not going to even begin with self-esteem issues, but I think it might be safe to suggest that they do feel pain….


    • disperser says:

      I try and save as many as I can . . . but I’ve exceeded my capacity for storage of boxes. Sadly, many now meet their end.

      However, I do honor them with a Viking’s funeral. It’s only fitting after they so valiantly carried out their duties.


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