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Topaz Labs Adjust AI Contest

I did a post about The Topaz Labs Adjust AI offering . . . and I’m now following up with another post because Topaz Labs are running a contest (entry by July 1st) for the best use of Adjust AI. The winner gets … Continue reading

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I looked for Rupes Recta

I came across THIS site and instantly reawakened my interest in astronomical observations. Er . . . I don’t mean making my tremendously insightful, wise, and deep commentaries on the nature of the Universe and Humans  in particular. No, I mean looking at objects inhabiting … Continue reading

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Topaz Labs Adjust AI

It’s no secret I’m a fan of the various offerings from Topaz Labs and I just got notice of their latest offerings, Topaz Labs Adjust AI. I should disclose that since I purchased the original Adjust plugin, I received this … Continue reading

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Hey! . . . do I still write fiction?

Some — not many — might have noticed a serious derth of new fiction writing on my part. Whenever I’ve not written for a while I need a kick-start to get my inner writer up off his butt. The way … Continue reading

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A rainy day in June

It rained today . . . so I took a few photos. I wasn’t stupid enough to be out in the rain . . . or carefree enough to be out in the rain. All of these were shot from … Continue reading

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Panama Canal Cruise 2019 — Second Day

Edited to add: this appears to be an early draft of THIS post which posted on January 13, 2019. I have no idea why it came up as a post today. Still, it published so I’m leaving it here. The … Continue reading

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Nikon D7500 Video Tests and Samsung Note 8 Super-slow Motion Test

So, I’ve been trying out the D7500’s video capabilities using the 70-300mm kit lens. Not too bad, I would venture to say.  First, a random photo from a previous post . . . 

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Haines – Alaska Cruise 2017 – Part 1

Note: this is a long post. If you just want the photos, go to the bottom and check out the gallery sans the witty, incisive, profound, and irreverent banter. This is the first post documenting our September 12, 2017, visit … Continue reading

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Thursday’s haul

People may have noticed I’ve not posted many phone photos lately. Sort of understandable, what with the new camera and all. But it doesn’t mean I’ve not snapped any photos. In May alone there are 387 photos and videos I … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Tuesday

Almost every day I spend time sitting outside, on the patio, camera on hand and a coffee by my side, hoping to capture something interesting. This post is about boring photos from my patio. OK, one photo is from a … Continue reading

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Playing with Topaz A. I. GigaPixel

In the previous post, I showed this photo that was generated by taking a small photo, enlarging it using Topaz A. I. GigaPixel, and then cropping it to what you see.  I was sufficiently impressed that I wanted to try … Continue reading

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More Photography Stuff – Zoom versus Crop

Yes, another post exploring stuff I think about when evaluating what photographic equipment I should buy. As such, this might is probably only of interest to photographers and only photographers who know less than I do (so, like five people). … Continue reading

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Two unusual things in one day

So, the first was this: You can click on the photo and see a larger version (~2x) or you can click HERE and get the full-size panorama photo (five photos stitched together) of this WW II B-17G, the Aluminum Overcast. … Continue reading

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Hello Nikon D7500 and kit lenses

This is a quick long update regarding my ongoing photography equipment odyssey. Some might remember my previous forays into the difficult landscape of photography equipment (HERE and HERE and probably other places . . . like HERE and HERE). Before … Continue reading

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