Bees and Rocks

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Bee playing Hide-n-Seek

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

Edited to Add: so, it’s the morning after and I’m correcting the errors I made last night (actually, today) while waging a valiant but ultimately losing battle against sleep. Corrections are shown in red and strikeouts thus.

The first photo is not great except it shows where the bee is gong going for the nectar; c have thought it would be the center of the flower (it’s a mistletoe plant with tiny flowers).  

. . . I would I’d make a poor bee . . . 

As you’ll see in these photos, I’m a bit rusty when it comes to shooting insects. For one, I sold my insect shotgun when we moved to Hawaii (a weak play on the word “shooting”) and for another, I’ve not used the D7000 for a while and made a few mistakes.

As you’ll note, these are a bit “soft”. Of course, all them people who love a shallow depth of field will have an orgasmic experience watching all these shots. Me? I prefer my subjects sharp; as sharp as I can get them. 

“Wait for just a second!” You say with faux indignation!

“I was promised bees and instead, I get carpenter bees!” (I’m hoping that’s what those are otherwise I’ll be severely castigated by bee keepers) 

“The operative word being bees,” I respond.

Bees or not, these suckers were not standing still for very long. 

That contributed to the softness but it’s not the whole story. I shot at a higher ISO than I wanted (hence grainier photos), I shot at a lower speed than I like when shooting insects, and the subjects were hostile to my desire for them to take the occasional break and standing stand still for a few moments. 

Also, it was breezy and the plant was moving about a bit. Plus . . . plus . . . Oh, I know!  The sun was in my eyes.

Why, yes; yes I do; I have eyes on the back of my head.

I am I’m showing pretty much just the best of the bunch and that’s not saying much for the bunch. 

Sadly, that’s all me. My only excuse? I hadn’t shot the D7000 as much as I should and forgot my shooting routines (not a correction but notice the repetition). They say shooting memory comes back; “it’s like riding a bicycle!” they say.

Had that been If that were true, I would I’d have scraped plenty of elbows and knees. (a weak reference to falling off a bike)

This next shot is one of two I consider pretty decent.

He posed long enough for me to remember I had some tweaks to make. 

The frustration still mounted, however, so I took it out on the poor rocks. 

Some were chagrinned at my hostile attitude . . . 

. . . or, maybe, they just had to sneeze. Grass pollen was pretty high and they are at “ground level” unless I’m aiming to break some windows. (another weak attempt at humor referencing rocks flying about)

However, most showed remarkable stoicism at my in-our-face photography.

Having graduated rocks, I looked for the next hardest subjects. 

People usually give up controlling these bad boys, especially when a breeze is moving them around . . . (a poorly-worded reference to stems moving about and being difficult to catch standing still)

I’ll eventually have all the names of these plants but, for now, just enjoy the view (unless you know the name). 

These shots are pure heaven to people enamored with shallow depth-of-field . . . but that’s not me bob Bob.

Before I get back to bugging you (another attempt at humor using a play on words — showing you more bugs), I want to apologize for the lack of hitting all the blogs I follow. This past month has been particularly bad as far as not finding time to do anything stuff I want and like to do

Some of these photos look the same but, trust me, they are vastly different. 

One other thing as I struggle to finish this . . . weariness is hitting me heavy and I’m having trouble concentrating. 

I apologize I’ve not been around the blogs recently. (repeating myself again . . . this must be what it’s like being drunk) If I read them (people’s blog posts), I clicked on the “like”; some I interacted with (but not many), and if there is no “like”, I’ve yet to read your blog posts BUT . . . realistically, I might not hit them anytime soon. 

I’ve tried proofing this three times and my eyes keep defocusing and my mind shutting down so I’ll publish as is and fix any mistakes tomorrow . . . er . . . later this morning.

I’m falling asleep so let me close this out I’ll end with a gallery of the above. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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