Note 8 and Snapseed

I mentioned the Doves doing what Doves do . . . and they done did it under my nose. Well, not literally but I was too slow in denying them a nesting spot in my gutters.

By the way, them not interested in reading what I write can go directly to . . . the SmugMug Gallery HERE.  

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Needless to say, I was not happy about this eggciting news. Doves incubate for 14-16 days and the chicks fledge in 12-14 days after hatching. That means a month before I have another shot at dissuading Doves from nesting in my gutters. Luckily, the nest is in a spot that will not interfere with the operation of the gutters.

Anyway, this post is about photos I take with the Note 8. Part of being a newly-minted homeowner entails visiting furniture and other stores. We also had the chance to go to an antique store — the first one in a long while — and as many might already know, I like snapping photos of stuff. The following are a combination of photos from the antique store and photos of various decorative pieces found in furniture stores. There are also a few from places like Kohl’s and T. J. Max. Basically, if it’s interesting (to me) I snap a photo of it. 

BTW, I normally post clickable photos, but not this time. If you want to see the full-size photos, go to the SmugMug gallery. 

The above was a decorative piece found in Kohl’s . . . as was this next one. 

Don’t try to figure out my criteria for snapping photos . . . because I often don’t know myself. 

For instance, here are two versions of a photo of a leaf I saw as I was walking. 

The original is also perfectly fine but this post has a title and I’m holding to it. 

I’m often interested in faces and things that look like faces. This next headshot looked familiar but I couldn’t place from whence the familiarity originated. Probably an actor but I’m not sure. Perhaps someone will recognize the visage and fire up my memory circuit. 

It bears a passing resemblance to John Hurt but that could just be the wrinkles talking. Sadly, in looking for a photo, I found out he died. My first memory of Hurt in an acting role is Alien. I’ll say no more about it.

This next face belongs to a small ceramic figurine . . . 

There’s a different type of familiarity at play here. That looks like a person I’d want to be friends with. For all I know, the depiction incorporates a number of features from actual real-life friends and does so in subtle ways that float right below conscious thought. 

This next photo is of an interesting headshot. 

I assume the lazy eye is a deliberate choice by the artist . . . as perhaps is the case with this next photo.

At first glance, I recognize this bust . . . then I want to name it and I draw a blank. It looks a bit like Apollo, but not quite. 

It has a passing resemblance to the Statue of David, but this guy looks more pissed off.

You know how your mom would tell you to not make faces or it will freeze like that? I always thought that was a fake and empty threat . . . but I now see proof!

It’s not just other faces individuals show an interest in . . . sometimes they are enamored with their own visages. 

. . . vanity, thy name is mirror . . . 

For some reason, one can find decorative chickens . . . 

Perhaps, it’s a cookie jar meant to adorn a kitchen . . . but this was plum in the middle of a bedroom furniture display. 

Speaking of birds, I don’t know why these are made and being sold. I’m sure there’s a demand for them as there were a fair number in the box and none of them were rusted. I’m guessing they are fast-movers.

I can’t see this item selling anytime soon . . . unless an uninformed and unattached bachelor wanders in off the street. That’s just the sort of thing someone devoid of a female influence might find attractive.

And I don’t know what was up with this lot . . . 

I recognize the MiG, a Starfire, a Corsair, and — of course — the PT-Boat 109. I suppose iconic toys celebrating our current president would include various pornographic actresses with an optional lawyer figurine paying them hush money.  

This next toy wouldn’t make the grade these days as too unsafe to play with. Also, probably offensive to this or that snowflake. 

I’m sure these next offerings wouldn’t fare too well in the current culture of “hey, I got nothing better to do than be offended on behalf of someone else”.

Why, someone might even take offense of animals being unrealistically and artistically depicted . . . 

Honest, it’s much better sticking with generic stuff like cooking implements . . . 

. . . and artistic depictions of flowers . . . 

I personally like abstract (if regular) patterns as something that can seldom draw anyone’s misguided ire. 

Even whimsical renditions are (mostly) safe . . . 

This next photo is of doors on a weathered piece of furniture. 

My favorite of this lot is this . . . 

Recognize it? I mean, yes, it’s a lamp. But, do you recognize the character? Let me give you a hint . . . “death is only the beginning!” . . . at least, that’s who I think it is. 

Heres a scrollable gallery for them wanting a quick look . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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