Things and stuff and photos and post-processing – part two

One of the advantages of traveling is . . . you don’t follow the news as much. 

The consequence is that I miss out on a whole lot of indignation and consternation. I mean, sure, I get the peripheral noise of people screaming about this or that or TEOTWAWKI but functionally, none of it affects any portion of my life. 

Also, invariably, something which everyone screamed was an immediate concern a month ago is forgotten within a week. Many other things of immediate concerns happened between then and now . . . and still, none of them affected my life. 

The buds don’t care, either. And here’s the funny — or not so funny — stuff about it all. None of the associated dire predictions came true. None. 

For the vast majority of the people, not only did nothing happen, but none of it was of any consequence to them. It kinda makes one wonder why so many were so worked up about it to begin with . . . I mean, I’m sure it can’t be healthy, physically or psychologically. 

Yes, yes . . . we got problems. But, many are made-up problems and other problems are things we always had but that apparently we now associate with TEOTWAWKI . . . except, you know, they’re not. 

I don’t know . . . the fact I didn’t have much time to comment on the things I heard about is — in a way — a good thing. Actually, a double good thing. 

One, I didn’t work myself up in a frenzy and spend precious portions of my remaining time writing about it. And, two, after a few weeks, 90% of the hype is recognized as just that. 

Perhaps we should all wait two weeks from when we hear something before we say or do anything. 

So, the above photo . . . Magnolia buds, methinks. I don’t know but that’s what came to mind when I saw them. I think I’m right but comment below if you know different.  

Anyway, that’s a shot from my Samsung Note 8 processed in Snapseed on said phone. 

Here’s the same shot processed on my PC using Lightroom and Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4.

You can click on the photos and they will open on separate tabs so you can compare them but — again — the differences are subtle. I give the nod to the PC version but that’s just me. 

On the Note 8, I used Photoshop Express to play with additional processing. 

Eh . . . it’s OK, but the original is good enough to not need additional processing . . . or so I think. 

You might recall THIS post about the sunrise and you might remember this next photo from the B&W post. 

The above photo is a B&W representation of a shot of the lake partially frozen and with the open water completely calm and acting as a mirror. 

Here’s the color version — also from the phone — but processed on the PC.

I have this scene captured with the P900 as well . . . but this is about phone photos. 

Anyway, a week after the above photos I got another opportunity to shoot mirror-like water . . . 

The above is the Samsung Note 8 photo processed on the PC.

Below, is the same photo as originally processed on the Note 8.

Again, not much of a difference but I don’t know if that’s the tools being that good or the person using the tools making the same mistakes no matter the tool he uses.

And, because I hate when people speak about themselves in third-person, the person I’m referring to in the last paragraph is, in fact, me.

I did a B&W version of that photo as well. 

The Note 8 has two cameras and the above was shot using the “zoom” lens (a 2x magnification). Here are the color and B&W processing for the wide-angle shot:

To be candidly truthful, I processed the B&W because the scene was pretty dark due to the strong backlighting; it lends itself to B&W processing. 

But, here’s a neat trick . . . Load the two versions — color and B&W — into Adobe Photoshop Mix and by playing with the blending options you get this:

I like that effect . . . but I like almost everything I do. 

So, remember this shot?

Well, overlay that shot onto the previous shot and you get this . . . 

“So what?” you ask.

Well, I can load that shot up into Paper Artist and . . . 

I could do more but you get the picture. Get it? Picture . . . nevermind. 

But, let me go back to the reflected sky scene . . . 

What about loading that one into Paper Artist and trying a few of my favorite filters?

Like . . . 

. . . or . . . 

. . . or . . .

. . . or these two . . . 

Oh, I see . . . not abstract enough for you, is it?

Well, I’m sure by now I’ve lost most readers so let me wrap it up with a gallery of the above . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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