Stuff of little interest and hair

So, the other morning one of my painful calf cramps woke me up. When I experience a cramp, I now react with vigor to try and get rid of it before it morphs into a repeat of what happened four years ago (torn muscles, a visit to the Emergency Room, ultrasounds, physical rehabilitation for a month, and more than four months before I was near 95% again). 

That means a cramp has me now immediately jump out of bed and forcing myself to walk and flex muscles and moves bones as normally as possible . . . successful, I was, at averting another Big One but with the unwanted result of becoming fully awake. Not a big deal except I’d been up late and the event cut my normal five hours of sleep to a tad less than four hours. 

. . . but, there was one benefit to being up early . . . 

It was all I could do to grab my phone and try an capture a rapidly-changing sunrise.

By rapidly changing I mean that it was going from red to orange to yellow in what I thought was a relatively fast pace . . . or my eyes hadn’t quite yet caught up to the idea of being fully operational at that unFSMly hour. 

It’s all I could do to remember I occasionally pass for a competent photographer and that I should make a half-assed attempt at clever compositions. 

. . . or, I could take a lot of photos and hope some of them looked decent enough. 

OK — I thought — including the tree is a nice touch . . . and so is the panoramic composition.

Note that the light was already changing . . . the scene was still nice but more of the clouds were transitioning to gray and the reds were ceding ground to the yellows (nothing wrong with yellow . . . except, maybe, if it’s underarm sweat stains on a white shirt). 

Clearly, it was time to stop letting in the 25° F breeze and close the window (I’d opened it to get a better photo).

But, you know, I couldn’t just leave it at that. For sure FSM wanted me to do something more with these photos! I mean, why else would It have woken me with that cramp?

Note to FSM: there are other — less painful — ways to wake someone. Like, maybe, a phone call letting them know they’ve been made Emperor of the Known Universe. 

Well, I knew just the thing . . . the MirrorLab app on my Samsung Note 8. 

Hmm . . . that’s too close to looking like FSM Itself. I might be charged with blasphemy and get attacked by colander-wearing fanatics. 

How about this one . . . 

OK, that’s too scary. I can see me having nightmares about being chased by one of them things . . . they probably wouldn’t be after an autograph. 

Now, this next one has a recognizable visage (or two) embedded in the patterns.

It’s OK if you don’t see it . . . but, if you want to see it, either step back from the screen a bit or squint your eyes. To me, it looks a bit like King Tutankhamun . . . but then I’ve been told I have a strange imagination. No, wait . . . not imagination; they said mind . . . and not strange; they said weird. Come to think of it, they just said “weird” and left out mind altogether.   

Anyway, I wanted to play with MirrorLab a bit more but needed another subject. Preferably, one with a tree since this one worked out so well. 

How about this one from a recent Project 313 post? 

The End Is Near — Bold

Let’s see what MirrorLab can do with it . . . 

True to its name, those are all variations of the mirror theme . . . but the app can do more.

I particularly like its glass blocks look . . . 

But, you ask, what about feathers? Or, specifically, one feather?

Well, it’s OK but I prefer wood . . . 

I mean, how often do you see a piece of wood with a piercing? How about the lion head? Do you see the lion head?

I mean, you see growth on wood all the time and it looks normal . . . 

. . . although, sometimes it looks abnormal . . .

. . . but still interesting . . . Can you see the elephant? . . . the piglet (or, possibly, the dog)? How about the Manatee or the baby dragon?

I’m sure there’s more but I just don’t have the imagination for finding faces and figures. 

I certainly don’t know what this next thing is . . . 

Whatever it was, I didn’t wait around for it to hatch. 

Ok, that’s a lot of weird stuff . . . but, can you guess what this next thing is?

Hint . . . it’s going gray. 

So, I normally cut my hair about once every three (or, if I’m lazy) four weeks. I’m sure people still have nightmares about my “convict photo” in THIS post (toward the end of the post).

That was me right after I clipped my hair. For the curious folks, I use the ⅛” setting on a cheap Wahl clipper. I suppose I could shave my head but that’s actually more work as far as maintenance goes. 

Anyway, we’ve been traveling so it’s been two months since my last (self-inflicted) haircut . . . and this is what I looked like yesterday morning.

I know; I look hideous . . . I mean, it’s been years since I’ve been able to part my hair and that’s the problem . . . my hair grew to the point of actually needing maintenance. And that’s atop looking like a hippie.  

So, I got me a pair of shears and went to work and that’s how the hair atop my head ended up on the paper I’d laid down to ensure an easy cleanup. 

What do I look like now, you ask? . . . well, I don’t want to set too many hearts aflutter so I’ll hide the “now” photo behind THIS link figuring not many people will click on it and banking on them who do click on it will look beyond the handsome visage and see the person behind the face.

Here’s something to close out the post. Yup! . . . it’s palm flowers and a cartoon . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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