On The Road – Day One

I’m sitting on the bathroom stool at our hotel room. Don’t worry; no business being done – the lid is down so it would be a tad messy if it were.

Nope; I’m in here because Melisa (who is now also feeling bad) is trying to sleep and I don’t want to bother her with my coughing. I’m coughing about once every 30 seconds and my throat is screaming in irritated protest. I’m drinking water, drinking hot beverages (tazze di camomilla), and following the prescribed regimen of my prescription inhaler . . . all to no avail.

I’m pretty sure I’m coming out of this with abs of steel . . . or should based on how sore they are from all the coughing.

Anyway, without saying anything about my travels, here are a few photos I’ll post before hitting the sack (and hitting it hard).

We drive by some impressive dunes . . . regal, they were . . . No! Better than regal . . . Imperial!

We drove very close to the Mexican border and saw the border fence.

You know what? I’m coming around to the idea that we need a better fence.

Anyway, I’m crashing . . . Let me dump a few more photos and call it a post.

Wait; two more things:

1) my apologies for not getting any of the blogs tonight and for not answering comments. Maybe tomorrow night.

2) those photos are not in chronological order but for them with the smarts to figure out how to read meta data, good for you. You could almost follow our route because I had the location turned on.

Edited to add: it appears the meta data was stripped so good luck trying to figure out where we were . . . Unless, you know, you can read road signs.