Just stuff to pass the time

So, we had decided to do a Fort Lauderdale Land and Sea tour to pass the many hours between the end of the cruise and our evening flight to San Diego.

As we spend a few hours listening to 60 other people cough inside a bus that’s recycling the pathogen-filled air, all I can hope for is to give at least as good as I get.

The bus tour, as usual and unless you’re sitting near the front, is a waste of time. However, we’re going to board the Carrie-B . . .

Which is a fake paddle boat.

Wait . . . The land tour did net me a couple of nice photos during bathroom stop.

That tree had a lot of personality . . . and a face . . .

It looks a bit like one of the actors from Parks & Recreation.

And, no, the tree played no part in the bathroom break.

We did see some nice sights . . .

That’s the Coral Princess, of course, looking a bit ragged. It’s going into dry dock next. A ten day effort to spruce it up a bit.

We saw multi-million dollar homes with multi-million dollar yachts moored on private piers. I’ll share those photos on a future post.

We also saw the Queen Victoria. The ship, not the person.

That’s not it. We weren’t close enough for a good photo of it. But, here’s a shot of the fake paddle and the most expensive yacht in the world (or so we were told).

I presume it’s all drug money and stuff.

We did see lots of homes for sale. Apparently, that dang Climate Change Hoax is flooding many of the properties during the King Tides and owners want to dump the properties before they have to take measures.

I don’t know the idiots who are buying, but I hope they get a couple of million dollars break on the prices.

And, that’s it for now.

Wait . . . Here’s the home oh the guy who invented A/C for cars.