Panama Canal Cruise 2019 — The Third Day

I’ve been working on this post for a few hours and I’m no closer to posting it than when I started. Stuff freezes, photos won’t load, and links won’t take hold.  

This is more like the Internet service I remember on prior cruises. On the Alaska cruise, I didn’t even bother with the ship’s offerings because all but one of the ports of call were US cities and I made use of the excellent Verizon service. 

And, the first few days on this cruise, the Internet was pretty good for e-mail and stuff. It’s now just an exercise in frustration. 

Keeping with the assumption people want to know about Cruise food, that’s one of my meals. Broiled fish, two types of potatoes, a baked and stuffed salmon wrap, shrimps, and a soft bun with butter.  

That was just the first run up there. I usually make a second trip with more of whatever I liked from my original selection. In this case, more shrimp, another piece of broiled fish, and a smaller dollop of the mashed potatoes. 

But, people probably want to see more . . . 

This is what some of those looked like all cut up and stuff . . . 

That evening, there was also a chocolate fountain with a choice of stuff to slather with the flowing fountain . . . 

But, here’s what the rest of the buffet looked like . . . 


The last five shots are the ingredients for a stir-fry they would cook to order (you pick the ingredients and meats).

At every meal, there’s usually carved meat or fish, something you can cook to order, and an assortment of prepared staples and other meat and fish. There’s usually a theme (Chinese, Mexican, Cajun, etc.)

Well, that took a long time to load up. It’s late and we have a long day tomorrow.


Click HERE for the third day’s Princess Patter. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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