Panama Canal Cruise 2019 — The Second Day

So, despite having the Internet, I’m finding it difficult doing updates. In part, it’s because larger photo files hang while uploading. In part, it’s because composing posts is a tad tedious due to the connection dropping and losing what I typed. 

That’s also the problem when commenting on other blogs (or even my blog). One of the reasons I’m late with responses. Anyway, this is about the second day of the cruise . . . 

Note the long pants . . . it was still cool then. Not so now. 

For the record, I’m writing this on Sunday, January 13th, or, seven days into the cruise. 


Hopefully, I can finish and publish this post today. We’re in Nicaragua and we opted to not get off the ship. A big part is that the wind is howling and the sea is rough and since this is a tender port, we didn’t want to risk sea-sickness on the ride to and from the shore (15 min by tender). Normally, I’d have taken a motion sickness pill but apparently, they are counter-indicated for something I’m dealing with. 

Anyway, back to day two . . . that was the sunset. Pretty much, we’ve had decent sunsets but not spectacular like Colorado’s and barely rising to the level of Hawaiʻian offerings.

As for the second day, we used it to ease into ship life.  

Mind you, ship life is not just desserts. There’s other food, too. 

But, desserts are almost as good as cats when it comes to getting eyes on a blog post. 

For them who are concerned that we might get off the boat floating on a sugar high, rest assured . . . we’re limiting ourselves to a maximum of only six helpings per meal and only three helpings between meals. 

I know, right!? What are the chances?

Well, rest assured our iron wills will help us keep to our resolve to not overdo it. 

Unlike most people, we also took the opportunity to do some laundry. We’d been traveling for about a week and I like to change undergarments at least once a week, sometimes twice.  On vacation, I may even change every other day (because, you know, we’re moving around and stuff). 

Anyway, the machines were all available and we were the only ones using the laundry on the first day. 

Wait . . . that’s the same one as I showed above. 

We tried the Hazelnut cake . . .  

. . . considered but rejected the Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Sauce . . . 

. . . but did try the Key Lime Pie.

Here they are again . . . from another angle. 

Every evening, the fallback was the fruit tart. There are different (but similar) versions of it offered every night. Meaning, we would try something and if we didn’t like it, I’d get the fruit tart (pictured above on the shot with the Hazelnut cake)

We were on the Coral for our 2017 Alaskan Cruise but we both agree the food is better this time around. I think the next post (Day 3) will document more of the offerings.

Realize I’m limited as far as showing all the food because the main dishes change every day. The fruits and salads and breads and other sides are typically the same, but soups and main courses vary every night. 

We’re still debating if we’ll do a sit-down dinner (actual restaurant with a menu) or keep to the buffet. What I like about the buffet is that I can control the portions and what I get (pictures to follow). However, if something gets offered on the main dining room that we like, we’ll probably opt for a sitdown. That is, after all, where I can get Fettuccini Alfredo; it’s my go-to meal when in the restaurant since I don’t like the prime meat and seafood dishes like lobster. A simple man, am I. Give me pasta and bread and water and I’m happy.  

So, let me see if this will go . . . meanwhile, here’s a photo from last week in L. A. . . . 

Meanwhile, click HERE for the first day’s Princess Patter. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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