Going into the new year – maintenance post

A recent post by someone I follow had me look at my blog stats. 

I seldom look at my numbers any more so I was a bit surprised. These were the top posts for 2018.

2018 Stats

Of my top ten most viewed posts of 2018, four were Firefly related. The thing is, those posts were written a number of years ago (do a search on Firefly if you want to read them). Specifically, 2014.

Most of the other posts are also a bit long in the tooth. The Panorama post is from 2012. The Humor Break is one of the few 2018 posts making the list.

Now, the outlier here is “The Home Page”. Of the 25K+ views, 3,279 were of the Home Page . . . but the Home Page shows the latest post, so all of those views should be distributed to individual posts. 

Looking at the history of the blog, we get a similar picture . . .

Top Posts since blog inception

Again, Firefly is way up there and sprinkled throughout. The only post beating Firefly stuff is my Devil’s Tower post

. . . except, again, of the 149,411 views, nearly 16% are claimed by the Home Page. I presume distributing those to the actual posts might drastically change the post rankings. 

For them interested in these kinds of things . . . 

Views by Year

So, those are views . . . which, basically, doesn’t mean squat because the way views are counted is kind of screwy. If you do a lot of galleries and if people click through them, you’ll rack up a lot of views.

The only metrics I care about are visitors and comments. Last year, with nearly 4,700 comments, is what I consider a pretty good year . . . until I subtract my own comments (which the system counts). That number then drops to about half and the bulk of the remaining comments can be attributed to about four bloggers. 

Mind you, I’m very happy with the level of interaction on the blog. Any more, I’d be hard-pressed to engage at a meaningful level.  

I only mention these qualifiers because people tend to look at numbers and not so much what they mean. South Park had a great episode about “likes” and Friends, and pokes and the way people measure their self-worth based on artificial statistics.

And now, a photo . . . a photo presented as-shot:

Here’s the same photo with my processing.

Why am I presenting this? No reason. Just wanted a photo in the post. 

And now, the maintenance portion . . . 

In what has become a yearly ritual, I’ve culled the blogs I follow. The number dropped from 78 to 49.

Some were dropped because they are inactive. Others were dropped because they no longer offer a sufficient ratio of benefit-to-time-spent. Some were dropped because I lost interest (and I’ve had no meaningful exchanges with the authors). Some were dropped for other reasons.

Me dropping a blog is not an indication of the quality of the blogs in question. In fact, all of them are worth subscribing to . . . just not by me, at least not right now. 

NOTICE: while I’m at it, I will have very limited Internet for the next three weeks. After that, I will have reduced internet availability for a few months. In those few months, I’ll be preoccupied and I might be absent from the blog. Mind you, I’ll still try to keep up, but I know I’ll fall behind in reading the blogs I subscribe to. I can only think of a couple I will absolutely keep up with. The rest, I’ll hit when I can but I won’t look back to see if I missed anything. Unfortunately, the same will apply to comments. I’ll try and “like” them to indicate I’ve read them but unless there’s a direct question, I might not answer.  

For reasons I’ll eventually share, my life in the first five or six months of 2019 will be pretty hectic. Photography, writing, and blogging are my unwind activities so I’ll still keep at them (to maintain my sanity) but they may be curtailed by outside factors. 

I plan to finish the Project 313 series (not many left in those). In fact, in preparation for three weeks of limited Internet, I have Project 313 posts scheduled from now until January 25th. Note that I might not see your comments until late in January or early February.

At that time, I hope to once again have decent Internet access and finish Project 313 in February. After that, I’ll post blogs when I have time.

I have a number of projects I plan to tackle after Project 313 is done; finish the Naval Aviation Museum series, finish the Alaska 2017 cruise series, document our current travels, and catch up on 2017 and 2018 photos deserving the light of blog. 

Let’s see, what else?

That’s about it. 

I can offer up a few more photos . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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