Where in the world? Why, right here . . .

. . . in Long Beach, CA. 

Let me add a random photo so that Facebook and the WP Reader have something to show . . . 

As some people might have surmised, we are traveling. Under the weather, but traveling. 

We’re not doing our gym routine because, you know, best rest when not 100%. No worries, though; we’re only mildly out-of-sorts and nothing we can’t handle by whining and complaining and stomping our feet and holding our breaths and occasionally yelling at the Universe, “WHY US?!? Why not Trump!?! Or, any of the countless worthless politicians living high at our expense?!?”

Supposedly that makes one feel better (or so would countless wannabe victims have you believe), but it must only work with some people. We’ll try it for a few more hours but likely will revert back to stoic suffering. Better yet, actively resist feeling sorry for ourselves. 

As for where we’re traveling to . . . well, that will have to wait. I prefer not to divulge my traveling plans lest the hordes of fans might be tempted to meet me someplace. I like my privacy, you see. Plus, because I’m a considerate cuss, I wouldn’t want to pass on whatever I have. I say that because these days, everyone wants to hug. Even guys. 

I’d hug Trump, of course, and perhaps cough into my hand just before one of his famous handshakes. 

I shouldn’t say that . . . I really don’t wish him ill. The opposite, even . . . I wish he would turn into a decent and caring human being; I wish his faculties would return from wherever they’re currently vacationing; I wish someone would change his diapers more often and find a big enough pacifier. Most of all, I wish he took a dislike to Twitter.

Anyway, yesterday we went for a walk on Long Beach. The actual beach . . . it’s long. 

Of course, I took some photos . . . I’ve not processed them, but I did arrange them into an album I can share with you, my loyal readers. 


It might take a few moments to load, but please let me know if fails to load.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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