Project 313 – Post No. 254

Sunday . . . short post. THIS post has a link to a larger gallery but if you don’t click on it, you’ll get through it in less than a minute. 

And now, the photo:

Project 313 254

I like that look . . .

Also, Photoshop has a new feature that lets me select the cup with just one click. Why is that important? Well, because I can then process the background and the cup separately and thus have more combinations to play with. 

I’ve had first-hand experience with medicine and its modern practice. For the most part, I’m happy with both the personnel and the help I’ve gotten. However, I always remember that being a doctor basically means being a detective and trying to guess what’s wrong from imperfect data and information.

Ah, if that only worked. It would be much better than having half the population take drugs just so they can sleep. Me? I just don’t sleep. It’s easier this way. 

I give you . . . Less Than a Thousand Points of Light. 

Less Than a Thousand Points of Light

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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4 Responses to Project 313 – Post No. 254

  1. PHOTO: That cup is full of summery-sunshine!
    CARTOON: Yeah, I just don’t sleep, too. I have before sleep routine. But no drug.
    And…I guess doctor’s do call what they do…practicing medicine. Practicing.
    DOODLE: I counted them. That IS less than a thousand. :-D
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Thanks, Carolyn.

      The picture doesn’t show the scale. That was more like a demitasse-size cup. Very cute; it sold quickly.

      Doctors have a tough job; they want to help (most of them) but they can’t know what people mean when they say something hurts or is “not right”. People’s descriptions are often vague and words can mean different things to different people so it makes communication difficult.

      Also, most people will go to the doctor and then do one of two things . . . either exaggerate or downplay what got them there in the first place. As Dr. House used to say, patients lie (even if it’s a lie by omission).

      . . . did you count all the sparkly ones that come and go? . . . there should be pretty close to 100 dots (+/- 2) and the sparkly bits that shoot off have a lot of little dots . . . I usually lose count at around 857 and after the third try, I gave up and called it 1,000.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AnnMarie says:

    I think it’s closer to 935 . . . but I had to stop ’cause I was getting dizzy!

    Anyway, exquisite cup/saucer! A great reminder that Spring and Summer are right around the corner!


    • disperser says:

      Yup, same here; I had to eat something. Wait, I’m always eating something.

      As for Spring and Summer . . . that’s one heck of a wide corner; we just go into Winter.


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