Just bubbles

So, still pretty busy and overly preoccupied with stuff . . . Including, bubbles

That’s a photo taken in my kitchen sink.

Most people don’t do anything with their photos before sharing them.

Not me; at the very least, I do something like this . . .

Interestingly, that looks like some sort of alien skull . . . But, that’s not important.

I want to show that I don’t stop there.

So, the initial edit is done using Snapseed. People have their own preferences for phone photo editors (and I have other editors), but Snapseed is hard to beat.

The second (and subsequent) edits are done in Paper Artist.

It used to be free on my Note II, but I had to shell out a few bucks for it on the Note 8.

I like how fast and easy and varied my choices are rendered.

I could do more with a few other apps but this app offers a lot of variety.

Anyway, I just wanted to spend a few minutes unwinding and iI figured I would share said efforts.

That’s it.

This being a post composed on the phone, I don’t have my standard disclaimer so you’ll have to imagine it from scratch and from prior exposure; good luck.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. . . My 2010 Highlander mileage counter just crossed 90009 miles.

That’s a lot of miles, Bob.

That’s it; this post is done. Again, try to imagine me finishing a post and posting it, and you reading it, and then recalling the disclaimers that aren’t shown below . . . Yes, I could copy them here, but I’m a big believer in people exercising their minds.