More JWildFire Graphics – Color Version

Back in September, I played around with the JWildFire Mini app. Well, I finished playing around some more. 

Edited to add: new Disperser Tracks feature! Whenever I edit a post I’ll show the edits I made by crossing out the old words and color-coding the new words. Part of my commitment to transparency aimed at showing I’m not always perfect.

Each of the The designs below was  were all rendered in 12 to 15 minutes worth of computation (on the Samsung Note 8). In case anyone wants to try the app, be aware that it’s CPU intensive and the phone gets quite warm. That timeframe is about as long as I want to run the app and I let the phone cool between renderings.

Also, all of these photos were processed through various apps; Lightroom, Nik Collection, and Topaz Studio (and associated plugins). 

Blushing Cthulhu

None of these are very big, but they are worth clicking for a larger view. 

Also, I’m not showing the originals because all of these are from the library of included designs; anyone truly interested can download the free app and render their own. The library has 100 designs. 

I don’t know which of these designs (and associated processes) I like the best. They all have aspects to them that I find interesting. 

A present from Shelob

Some of these have various iterations of painterly effects combined with AI Clear (Topaz studio) and Color Efex Pro (Nik Collection) and Lightroom (Adobe). 

While the originals are fairly striking on their own right, my post-processing aim was to make them bolder and more striking. Plus, I think a frame helps bring out both the colors and the pattern (many won’t agree but c’est la vie).

Quad Stereo Visualization

While I’m making up my own names, each of these comes with a name. However, some of the names are pretty unimaginative; stuff like “pattern number 5” . . . I mean, it’s like they didn’t even try. 

Extreme Climate Change, a. k. a. “We are royally fu . . . er . . . screwed.”

I mentioned before a fractals program I used to have that would map fractals you created onto a sphere. It was a great way to create fairly realistic planets complete with continents, oceans, mountains, and clouds. 

Eventually, Microsoft Windows upgraded to a version that no longer supported the code. 

. . . I do miss that program. I’ll have to dig up the photos I took of the screen (actual photos using a film camera; my Nikon N8008 took photos of the fractals on a CRT screen and they came out pretty well). 

Spaceships transitioning to Hyperspace near AGC 198691 in Leo Minor.

Gosh, I wish I could see those in person . . . while traveling in my own space yacht. If I had a space yacht, we’d be off exploring the Universe and then swing by every fifty or sixty thousand years to see what new Earth species fancied itself special. Of course, they wouldn’t call it “Earth” . . . it would probably be something like Galib, or whatever word they used for “dirt”. 

Organized Super-viruses preparing to attack.

Isn’t it interesting we think so highly of ourselves when, in fact, we’re mostly made of bacteria?

OK, I exaggerate . . . only about 2% of our body’s weight is composed of bacteria (I weigh 175 lb, so about 3.5 lb of bacteria) . . . frankly, I couldn’t live without it. 

Triffid flower . . . beautiful but deadly.

I’m amazed by how many movies call upon the use of salt water (or plain water) as the way to solve an alien attack. Apparently, aliens don’t like water. 

Well, OK . . . only a few movies and they weren’t all that good. On the other hand, the waters of Mars are themselves deadly to humans. Or so Who would have you believe. 

Anyway, we’ve come to the end of our short journey examining strange geometric patterns and what they might mean. 

I’ll leave you with one last glimpse at the wonders of nature (real or fictional, we don’t care). 

Festive and coordinated exploding hemorrhoids

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


Note: if you are not reading this blog post at, know that it has been copied without permission, and likely is being used by someone with nefarious intention, like attracting you to a malware-infested website.  Could be they also torture small mammals.


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14 Responses to More JWildFire Graphics – Color Version

  1. AnnMarie says:

    A bounty of wonderful and whimsical beauties! I like them all for their unique designs and colors, however . . . as much as your titles are very imaginative, I would have preferred different ones, more suited to their positive nature. I say positive because they inspired very pleasant feelings.


    • disperser says:

      There are three kinds of readers and I aim to please them all:

      1) them who appreciate the photos and don’t bother reading the titles.
      2) them who appreciate my odd sense of humor exhibiting itself in the form of — as you say — imaginative titles.
      3) them who appreciate the photos and also get a kick from the titles.

      There is another group (4) who cares not for anything I do and I don’t worry about them.

      In the interest of meeting the needs of the widest possible readership (small as it is), I’ll justify my use of these particular titles.

      Plus, I prefer to let my mind roam free when engaged in the creative process. While I can say those photos may not specifically evoke those particular titles, it doesn’t take much effort (none) for my brain to serve up colorfully descriptives titles.

      Plus, you know, hemorrhoids are always funny and are a part of my preferred way of cursing people who annoy me (especially on the road). As in: “I hope his (or her) hemorrhoids explode.”

      There’s also the occasional expression hoping the person is beset by explosive and very liquid diarrhea while downhill and a long distance from the nearest bathroom.

      I think you’ll agree both of those sentiments are kinder than wishing the person be struck dead by falling blue ice.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. colonialist says:

    Striking, indeed. Some, in fact, downright startling like that sort-of orange blob with a hole in it.


  3. macquie says:

    Love all works particularly the one of its looking like damaged earth, by climate change.


  4. You are not always perfect?!?! ( ;-) )
    OHMYGOSH! These photos are beautiful, whimsical, other-worldly, magical, fascinating, enjoyable! A their titles are fun to read! I could stare at the viruses photo for a long time…I love the details and I see motion! The exploding hemorrhoids …I prefer to not think about them…but, okay…they are colorful! :-)
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      I know, right? It’s difficult to believe. It’s one of the few things where evidence doesn’t convince me.

      And, yes, exploding hemorrhoids are colorful . . . or so I hear.

      Thank you, Carolyn.

      Liked by 1 person

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